Howlin' Moons

The year was 1957 and Michael Landon was acting the part of a moon howler in the movie I Was a Teenage Werewolf. The year is now 2014 and somewhere inside of the 223.11 square miles of Columbus, Ohio, a new pack is set to become a legend. Angela Perley is the leader of the pack ... The Howlin' Moons pack. We believe Angela and her cohorts may very well become household names, just like Michael Landon did. Our neo-werewolf craze all started with a kid named Michael - and this is starting with a gal named Angela and three bad-ass musicians. Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons are definitely something to howl about!

An Interview With:
Ghastly City Sleep

James and the Drifters:
All That Gold

Creation Myths

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Sweden's own DJ/producer/songwriter Aron Ekberg - otherwise known as AronChupa - has unveiled the official music video for his smash hit single "I'm An Albatraoz." The track was originally released in Sweden in August, and has since garnered over 20 million streams on Spotify (on its way to triple platinum) and over 1 million views on YouTube. "I'm An Albatraoz" was released on iTunes in the U.S. last week, and the official video premiered exclusively on VEVO on 10/13.

Aron had spent quite some time wanting to create music in English, so he asked his sister if she could sing on a track that he began producing. The result was "I'm An Albatraoz," which exploded to #1 on Spotify in Sweden and topped the viral charts.

"Incredible music along with an inspiring story." - Buzznet

Nashville alt/pop artist Sinclair has released her upbeat new single, "The World Is Ours," which will be available on her upcoming EP, Sweet Talk, due out on November 4th via Drive Music. Fans can preorder Sinclair's new E.P. on iTunes now, and will receive an instant grat. track for both "Holla" and "The World Is Ours." calls "The World Is Ours" uplifting. In a recent interview with NYLON Magazine, Sinclair was said to employ "catchy hooks, blues chord progressions, and storytelling in her music."

"The chorus is great, with both voices blending together for an awesome harmony." (BestFan)

Listen to Potter's single, "Boomerang," or watch the video, which features Joey Stamper of Anthem Lights.

(Nashville, TN) Country-pop beltress Rachel Potter and Anthem Lights' Joey Stamper reveal the new video for "Boomerang," from Potter's forthcoming album Not So Black And White. Rachel Potter became a household name on The X Factor and as the star of Evita and The Addams Family on Broadway, as well as the national tour of Wicked. Stamper is one quarter of Anthem Lights. After building a rabid fanbase on YouTube, Anthem Lights recently released the single "Top of the World" in anticipation of their new album, Escape.

Indie Rock Band Tallows Releases
New Single "Sea Bitch"

"The soaring vocals and the high-range guitar riff of 'Sea Bitch' make it
ideal for fans of indie rock at its purest." (PopMatters)

Sun Culture: Check Out Their New
Single "Young Blood"

"Sun Culture matches the carefree vibe of a perfect summer" (Pop Dose)

This, friends, is WOW with a shot of nitromethane to blast you off the starting line and rocket you up to 330mph in mere seconds.

Their leader is a GRAMMY-nominated musician. One band member played the National Anthem for the Green Bay Packers. Another imitates Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles on his guitar. If we tried to mention every fantastic thing every member of this band is and does, we'd have a book, not an interview. You're about to have a rockin' good time because the love of these fifteen musicians will grab you by the ankles and drag you to the hot New York scene.

Alt/Pop Hip-Hop Artist Jensen Reed Released His Latest Song "This Time"
Featuring soul songstress Lisa Donnelly. He also collaborated with prolific YouTuber Taryn Southern on a cover of Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)."

StarVista Entertainment/Time Life: Music For The Wonder Years Complete Series
Hundreds of Songs from Iconic Artists such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Jimi Hendrix, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles and The Rolling Stones.

Short Skirts: Garage Band from Trondheim Norway
Influenced by bands such as Iggy & the Stooges, Bass Drum of Death, Ty Segall and Dick Dale’s guitar.

Watch Scar's Latest Video "Young Only Once"
The music band from London, United Kingdom.

The Sneaky Tikis:
Classic Surf Band

Mentored by Dusty Watson. They've played shows with The Pyronauts, Slacktone, Dick Dale and many more.

The TakeOffs: Vintage & Contemporary Surf Band
They perform very danceable "vintage" surf music from the early 60s as well as contemporary surf music

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