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Band and Artist Biographies

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Abisal Surf Guitar: Playing Classic Surf Rock Abisal
Abisal is Maneco Saez's idea and was formed with the vision and intention of playing classic surf rock. Always respecting the traditional surf sound, the band has a repertoire that includes Dick Dale, The Astronauts and The Shadows, among others. From Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aloud: Boston's Fiery Pop-Infused Rock 'n Roll Outfit Effective Immediately PR
Hailing from Boston, MA, pop-infused rock 'n roll outfit Aloud blends throaty lead vocals with spine-tingling male/female harmonies accompanied by infectious grooves and hard-hitting riffs. Earning nominations by the Boston Phoenix for best vocalist and Best Indie Band, Aloud is always a crowd favorite. Their audiences can speak volumes about the band’s energetic connection with their fans and passionate stage performance.

AmpFibians, The: 3 Piece Modern Surf Band The AmpFibians
Emerging from the primordial ooze several years ago, this swamp surfing 3 piece modern surf band from Cincinnati relies on a blazing guitar, driving bass and pounding drums to quench the thirst for surf.

Aquatudes, The: Surf/Rock Trio The Aquatudes
We're a surf/rock trio based in Central Connecticut. We've been bringing our reverberating brand of rock 'n roll to clubs, parties, and events around Connecticut and in NYC since 2007.

Astroglides, The: Primal SurfCore Music The Astroglides
It is not very common to find a band that succeeded to shape a brand new musical genre. The Astroglides coined the term 'Surf Core' to describe their own blend of dark surf and metallic thrash-core. Since their formation in 1997, The Astroglides have been crafting unique instrumental and vocal 'Surfcore' tunes.

Avante Royale: Brazilian Instrumental Rock Band Avante Royale
Since '06 the Brazilian instrumental rock band Avante Royale plays the calm until the feedback effects between the chords; modernities and psychedelic atmospheres merged and extended by the classic surf guitar and sing for the pleasure of canastra, bingo and truco!



B11: Instrumental 3 Piece Band from Boston, MA B11
B11 is an instrumental 3 piece band from Boston, MA, USA. They've been around since early 2009. B11's self-titled debut album was released in 2013. Though Surf is a mainstay in the band's arsenal of genres, B11 plays instrumental music in the following styles as well: Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin.

Beach Buddies, The: 1965 California Sound The Beach Buddies
The Beach Buddies Band was formed in early August of 2011 by founding members, Jericho and Matthew. You never know what could be in store!

Black Tarantula Black Tarantula
Black Tarantula is the only Netherkraut band in the world. Netherkraut is an amalgam of surf, psychedelic garage rock and krautrock; timeless sixties music kept timeless via the psychedelic time vacuum.

Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, The: Alt-Surf-Rock Band The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies
The 'Zeta Puppies began peddaling their chaotic brand of Psychadelia tinged, Punk infuenced, Echo smothered, Alt-Surf-Rock in early 2010. Blending the DIY recording philosophy of Joe Meek with musical influences including Duane Eddy, Roky Erickson, Sparklehorse, Dick Dale, The Eels, The Flaming Lips and The Moontrekkers.

Boom Pam: Mediterranean, Rock and Surf Music Boom Pam
They have been playing in clubs, bars, concert halls, music festivals, weddings and other occasions. Boom Pam's debut album was recorded in Frankfurt for the German label "Essay Recordings". The album went straight into the top ten list of the European World Music Charts. They have opened for the legendary Ventures in California.

Bruce Harvie and The Sandfleas: Overhead At Darrington Bruce Harvie
Well, it started out about 5 years ago when The Sandfleas headed up to play at the infamous Surf and Turf festival at the Rodeo grounds in beautiful Darrington, Washington... Cowabunga!!



Candygram For Mongo: Old-School Rock/Punk Sound Candygram For Mongo
All the planets must have been in alignment, because the band was contacted by the music supervisor for the number one show in cable on Friday nights, "Battlestar Galactica"!

Chillers, The The Chillers
The fans and groupies cried out for the music, so The Chillers, an authentic rock and roll band, was formed in New Jersey, USA in 1991. Mike Brajer, Mike Hars and Wally Van Treek know how to rock.

Cosmic Vampires, The The Cosmic Vampires
These guys are very cool! Take a gander at that far out group shot! Makes us want to go over to Spain and watch them lay down some tunes!

Cosmonauti Cosmonauti
The much acclaimed instrumental surf band from Rome, Italy.

Crickettes, The: All Girl Instrumental Rock Guitar Band The Crickettes
The Crickettes are an all girl instrumental rock guitar band. Our goals are to bring great instrumentals to new young audiences and keep the legacy of this music alive.

Current Swell: The Sweetest Beats off Vancouver Island Current Swell
Like the breakers that wash the west coast of British Columbia's Vancouver Island, the sonic wave of Current Swell invites you on an unforgettable ride.


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Defiant Ones, The: Hard Hitting Surf and Surf Punk The Defiant Ones
Formed in the fall of 2004 when Dusty Watson and Sam Bolle were touring with Dick Dale in Florida. The Defiant Ones are all about smashing your sensibilities with a high voltage two on the two punk surf beat.

Del Rios, The: Surf for the New Century The Del Rios
The Del Rios are an original surf and garage rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. The Del Rios have a modern take on traditional surf and 60s rock n roll.

del-Toros: Dutch Surf Rock 'n' Roll Band del-Toros
del-Toros aren’t just your average rock ’n roll band. I’m sure you heard that before, but in this case you can’t deny it. Their stage burning, hot mix of different styles is way too cool.

Derangers, The: Don't Fear The Reverb Drew Townson and The Derangers
The first original recording by The Derangers was a cinematic western called "Rio Sangre," which was internationally hailed as a standout track. With Drew's Strat a-blazin' the trio gigged, toured and recorded from 1990 to 2000, In 2011, after over a decade of dormancy, those bad bandidos came BACK! Hide the women and lock up the tequila - The Derangers Ride Again!

Dillengers, The: Surfabilly/Crimejazz Experts The Dillengers
Surfabilly/Crimejazz experts The Dillengers stun guitar giant Steve Vai and get signed to his label, Favored Nations Records. Consistently named best band in South Florida magazines and polls. Although renowned in the Southeast U.S., they have yet to break into the world ... until now!

Dirty Fuse: Surf, Rock 'n' Roll and Garage Band Dirty Fuse
The band Dirty Fuse was formed in mid 2008 by guitarist Duda Victor (Bufalos d'agua) and drummer Chris Kogios in order to explore the frenzied world of Surf, Rock 'n' Roll and Garage. Their first self-titled full-length CD will be released under Green Cookie Records. Stay alert!

Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks: Weirdo Onemanband from the Middle of Nowhere Docteur Legume
I want to present you my weird project, "Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks"  * strange synth burbles *   * crazy riffs of reverb-drenched guitars *   * adrenaline drum bangs *   * stomp bass grooves * - I played live with the marvellous Los Straitjackets (2009) and at Surfer Joe Summer Festival (2009).

Durango14: Spanish Instrumental Surf Band Durango14
At the end of 2011 five riders joined our powers to create Durango14, our intention is to turn 360 degrees the instrumental music. We created a style called "Deep Surf and Roll."


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Esquivo Devoluto: Brazilian Instrumental Surf Rock Band Marcelo Bertozzo
New album by Esquivo Devoluto. BOOM! (2013) is the third instrumental album by Esquivo Devoluto. Enjoy the music. Free downloads.



Fabulous Woodies, The: Surf Music and Beyond John 'J-Cat' Griffith
Specializing in classic surf instrumentals, the group also plays a variety of popular Top 40 songs from past to present. Through this music combination The Fabulous Woodies create the fun era of California sun, surf and beyond.

Firstborn: Alt Metal / Hardrock Band Firstborn
Created by four equals in the outsides of Gothenburg, Sweden, Firstborn strives to question life and communicate their feelings about society, lost dreams and what people really want in life through their music.

Fitzgerald, Michael Bernard: Canada-born Singer and Guitarist Total Assault
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald first fronted rock bands in high school. Following graduation, he headed off to Australia for a little soul searching, and upon his return, proceeded to pursue writing and performing relentlessly. This young man can break hearts playing solo with an acoustic guitar and loop pedal, and equally make venues soar with a full band.

Five, The: Surf/Instro Band from Australia Ian
We're a band from Brisbane, Australia playing surf/instro music that we describe as "Link Wray fistfighting Dick Dale in a falling elevator with Davie Allen at the controls."



GiO: Instrumental Surf Rock Guitaristk GiO
GiO is an Instrumental Surf Rock Guitarist from Ierapetra Crete Greece. The exotic sounds from his guitar and the Surf N Roll melodies started at a Greek beautiful island, Crete.

Good To Go: Classic Rock Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Drummer John Michael [DJ on 104.3, the Hippo] sometimes uses me in his band. We don't do much Surf Music but I'm always cool w/ '70s rock.

Green Reflectors, The: Two-Piece Instrumental Surf Flavoured Rock 'n' Roll Band The Green Reflectors
The Green Reflectors are a two-piece band based in Bridgewater, NS. Kyle (Guitar) and Aaron (Drums) Furlotte play instrumental surf flavoured rock n' roll influenced by such artists as Link Wray, The Ventures, The Jam and The Beatles. They've been hard at work for six years now, playing tons of local shows and travelling to all ends of Nova Scotia spreading instrumental surf love.

Grinning Man, The: Heavy Psychedelic Surf Funk Band The Grinning Man
Drawing on influences as varied as Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Wayne Shorter, and Black Sabbath, has led The Grinning Man to a unique sound described best as heavy psychedelic surf funk. This Indianapolis based band has been around since 2010 and has been pleasing fans ever since.


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Hangmen: Surf/Garage/Rock and Roll Band Rob Hangmen
Hangmen are a surf/garage/rock and roll band from South Wales. We're all surf/skate rats and this shows in our music. Check out our stuff and let us know what you think.

Hard Luck Kings Rick Reifenstein
The Hard Luck Kings are thrilling audiences with their roots based rock 'n' roll. Chris, Rick, Gregg and Brian bring a diverse blend of high energy, toe tapping music to their shows. Check out their good vibrations!

Hollow Glow, The The Hollow Glow
The Hollow Glow is a brand new melodic rock band made up of 2 members of the Universal recording act Ra; Ben Carroll (Vocals/Guitar) and Andy Ryan (Drums). Ra is a band many people claim to be one of the most underrated, but well respected hard rock bands to emerge in the past decade.

Horse Rock: Equine Surf Horse Rock
Formed in the summer of 2011 in and around Reading (Berkshire), Horse Rock became the world's first equine surf band and in the process created a new breed of music aptly called Horse Rock. Once described as "The Shadows as if played by fully-matured children brought up on 1970's hard rock"...



Incredible Mr. Smith, The: The Right Sound for Your Ears Martin Schmidt
An energizing mixture of California Surf, Spaghetti Western Sound in the tradition of Ennio Morricone, Hillbilly Twang and wild Sixties Rock combined with a lot of guitar action between Twang, Noise & Blues. The Incredible Mr. Smith has been an important figure in the international instro scene since 1997.

Insanitizers: Surf Music Band Conrad Swartz
The Insanitizers aim to record and perform stories of adventure, mystery, motion, humor, and energy as guitar music in an involving audience experience.



JetPack: Surf/Instro from Southern California JetPack
MTV, The Sharper Image, Fuel TV, and more have featured the original surf/instro stylings of JetPack.



Kill, Baby…Kill!: Garage / Punk / Surf Kill, Baby…Kill!
These reverb obsessed hoodlums, hell-bent on destruction have been paving a path of chaotic dissonance across the eastern US since 2010 and are poised to unleash a slew of new sonic assaults in 2013.

King Beez: Instrumental Metal Influenced Surf Punk Music Matt Groopie
King Beez were formed in 2007 in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada and have taken the country by storm. Combine a Tarrantino vibe with James Bond attitude and campy 50's horror tactics and you get KING BEEZ!


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Lava Pups: Garage and Industrial Surf from Northern California Lava Pups
Northern California garage or industrial surf best describes the Lava Pups' music. Over the last couple of years, they have developed a unique sound that sets them apart from other instrumental surf rock bands. The Lava Pups play a gritty, high energy brand of music that is not restricted by the boundaries of the surf music genre. Like some of the early rockers who influenced them, the Lava Pups revel in the rebellious abandon of rock 'n roll.

Lava Rats, The: NorCal Surf Rock Bill Bergstrom and The Lava Rats
The San Francisco Bay Area has come to know the name of The Lava Rats. With their distinct blend of fiery originals and razor-sharp covers, this trio of surf musicians has made a lasting mark.

Lebowski: Cinematic Holyto
Polish band founded in 2002, playing a wide spectrum of progressive music. "Cinematic" is music for a non-existent movie. From a theme aspect we can intrepidly consider it as a concept album.

Lifescreen (UK): Power trio from Leeds, United Kingdom Chris
We're a three piece hailing from sunny Leeds. We're influenced by such bands as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Helmet and lots more. So you can imagine big riffs and melodic vocals. Would be ace if you could check us out and please leave any feedback you may have.

Los Calamares: UK Surf and Spy Rock Band Carlos Calamares
So - why form a surf band in Birmingham - a landlocked UK city that’s as far from the sea as possible? “We figured we needed all the Californian sunshine we can get”, explained Carlos, “and if we can shine it into a few venues here in England, all our hard work will be worth it”.

Los High Tops Tony Tissot
Who says Surf isn't commercially viable? Los High Tops wrote and recorded music for Hotwire's 30-second TV spots on Oprah!, SNL, E.R., Survivor and many fine programs.



McCulloch, Zoe: Instrumental Guitarist Zoe McCulloch and Patrick Terrett
She was voted best new artiste 2000 by the Rock Instrumental Hall of Fame and fans in Brazil started calling her the "Queen of the Stratocaster". In September 2010 she received an email inviting her to be one of only 18 guitarists worldwide to be a recipient of a special Buddy Holly Guitar from "The Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation".

Meanwhile in Mexico: Surf Rock Trio Meanwhile in Mexico
Meanwhile in Mexico appears to be a surf rock trio emerging from the scene of Thessaloniki Greece. The everlasting waves of Northern Greek beaches inspire them to compose melodies that hold the atmosphere that surf rock represents.

Men In Grey Suits: Honolulu's Newest Surf Rock Band Chad Thomas Hamman
Men In Grey Suits is Honolulu's Newest Surf Rock Band playing music of The Ventures, Dick Dale, and many others including many movie and TV theme songs of the 60's that were strongly influenced by surf guitar sounds like Hawaii 5-0 and The Pink Panther Theme. Formed by guitarist Chad Hamman who was visited in his sleep one night by a Kahuna telling him that Honolulu needs a new Surf Rock Band to liven things up a bit.

Messer Chups: Oleg Gitarkin and Zombi Girl Messer Chups and More Zvukov Booking
Messer Chups is a duo from St. Petersburg, Russia. Oleg Gitarkin on guitar and Zombi Girl on bass guitar. Their music combines surf, samples from '50s and '60s trash horror sci-fi movies, Soviet synthesizers, electronics. Their show is a combination of music and a video mix from B-movies, sci-fi, horror and erotic films from the '50s and '60s! Messer Chups is a participant of international festivals.

Meteor Men, The: Surf Rock / Original / Instro / SurfaBilly Doug "El Capitan" Skipper
What happens when Big City meets Low Country on the North Carolina Coast? ... The Meteor Men! Inspired by varied influences, The Meteor Men are making waves and doing their best to spread the gospel of reverb.

Mister Neutron: High-Energy, Fender-Fueled Surf-Instro Rock Mister Neutron
Mister Neutron plays New York City regularly, toured Texas in 2005 and has hit Boston and Philly in recent months. Their energy -- and Damian's guitar playing -- take modern surf music to uncharted waters. Women want them, men want to be them. Luckily, with recent advances in identity theft, anything is possible!

Montauk Project, The: Beach Grunge from Long Island Effective Immediately PR
The Montauk Project is a group of music school-trained mavericks from Long Island’s East End. Steeped in the tradition of musical giants like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix, The Montauk Project use their sophisticated ears and serious chops to bring the energy and originality of classic rock to a modern context.

Moon Monkeys, The The Moon Monkeys
The Moon Monkeys are impersonated by elaborately costumed masked male members of tribes who visit hobo shanty's during the first half of every decade. In a variety of ceremonies, they dance, sing, bring gifts to the children, and sometimes administer public scoldings.

Mullet Monster Mafia, The: Brazilian Power Surf Music The Mullet Monster Mafia
The Mullet Monster Mafia can be considered one of the biggest revelations of the Brazilian indie scene. The numerous feats achieved during their short career show how this instrumental quartet start to be a musical reference to Power Surf Music world scene.


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No Smoking On Board: Surf/Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly Antonio Ferreira
Surf, Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly from Portugal. There is more poetry on a single Reverb Unit splash than in a whole Mozart Symphony.

North of Malibu: All Instrumental Surf/Rock Band George Boccanfuso
Formed in 2005 by guitarist George “Proton” Boccanfuso, North of Malibu delivers traditional Surf music with a contemporary Rock & Roll edge. ”A clever balance of Reverb and Rock.”

Nova Surfer: Surfdom for the 21st Century Kasper Gerlach
The song Electro-gun, by surf rock band Nova Surfer (from Amsterdam, the Netherlands), is part of the soundtrack of Five Thousand Meters, a documentary on the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials that took place in July.



Os Pazuzus: Brazilian Surf Music Band Os Pazuzus
Gradually the sound waves from the institute's sonars began losing ground to the sound of the reverberating guitars of the newly formed group. Instead of test tubes, amp valves. The beaches of Rio de Janeiro will never be the same!

Out of Limits, The: Greenville's Finest Instro-Surf Band The Out of Limits
From Greenville, NC, The Out of Limits blend the sounds of 60's surf rock with 70's punk. We are Greenville's finest Instro-Surf band.



Phonocaptors: Rock Instrumental Quartet Phonocaptors
Phonocaptors is a rock instrumental quartet that has been together since the summer of 2011 and shows clear influences of psychedelia, garage, surf and sci-fi. The band has composed a varied repertoire that weaves rotund and sinuous rhythms with keyboard and guitar riffs, all bathed in reverb and tremolo that results in auditory mutations. Their first LP "Danse Macabre" was recorded live. You might download it and listen to it for free from the bandcamp website.

Pozor Vlak: Fuzz! Surf! Trash! Commandante
Pozor Vlak was founded in the lazy summer days of 1996 as a trio. Their task was to teach the people how to surf 'n' roll.


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Ramblers, The John Vanderbeck
John Vanderbeck sent some really cool stuff about his 60s surf band, The Ramblers! John is still gettin' with the sax - Big Band Style!

Razorblades, The: Surf Music for the 21st Century Martin Schmidt
Influenced by Dick Dale and modern bands such as Slacktone, The Mermen and Jon & The Nightriders, they play surf music for the 21st century — dynamic, powerful and full of Twang. They've toured all over Germany and have met colleagues such as Slacktone and Fifty Foot Combo. Look out for The Razorblades when they come to your town!

Robert Lastdrager and The Lost Birds: Crying at the Zoo Robert Lastdrager
Robert Lastdrager has a background of over twenty years as a recording and touring artist in the Australian music industry. The singer songwriter has played and recorded with Australian rock and roll groups as diverse as surf trio The Tommys, garage power pop combo the Stiff Kittens and country rockers the T Bones.

Rodeo Clown: Punk/Rock/Surf Band Joe-rodeoclown
Rodeo Clown are a punk/rock/surf band that was founded in Sassari, Italy in 1996. In its 15 years of activity the band has self-produced 9 albums of original material.


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Secret Samurai, The Ryan Ruiz
The Secret Samurai conjure gypsy-noir shadow raids and mystical meditations on Turkish time travel. Czarist soundscape entanglements morph into snake charm surf rock sillouettes.

Shock Therapy: Russian Modern Rock Band Shock Therapy
Russian independent alternative/modern rock band from Siberia, Novosibirsk. A band of four members. Energetic and unpredictable. The band played many good and loud rock shows all around many Russian cities!

Short Skirts: Garage Band from Trondheim Norway Short Skirts
Short Skirts is a garage band from Trondheim Norway. Influenced by bands such as Iggy & the Stooges, Bass Drum of Death, Ty Segall and Dick Dale’s guitar, they started up early in 2013. Since then Short Skirts has acquired a good amount of positive attention, both local and abroad. With high punk rock intensity and elements of retro surf rock they've been capable of raising curiosity on the local scene.

Skegs, The: Surf-Spy-Rock-abilly Larry Chandler
The Skegs are a San Francisco based instrumental trio who play a buoyant mix of surf music, movie soundtracks, rockabilly and a host of smokin' originals. Larry, Marina and Steve know how to lay down the tracks! Check out their very cool tunes!

Skurkarna: Crime-Rock Band Skurkarna and Heptown Records
Imagine guitar legend Link Wray robbing a bank while hallucinating on mescaline. That is probably the closest you will ever come to describe Skurkarna. And that is probably the best way to define their unique sound, which they call "Crime-Rock."

Slim Wray: Bombastic, Irreverent Rock 'n' Roll Band Effective Immediately PR
Slim Wray is a party of two that isn’t afraid to get dirty. A brotherhood based on an extensive history together in the New York City music scene, Chris Moran (drums/backing vocals) and Ryan Houser, aka "Howzr" (vocals/ guitar) have not only developed a tight musical chemistry, but have fine-tuned the art of irreverent rock 'n roll. Running on thunderous drums and gritty, fuzz-fueled guitar riffs, Brooklyn’s Slim Wray welcome their debut album Sack Lunch 11/12/13.

Sneaky Tikis, The: Classic Surf Band The Sneaky Tikis
The 4 band members met at Sierra Surf Music Camp in 2012. They were mentored by Dusty Watson (of Slacktone) and became a powerful group of musicians that play loud and proud.

Spiral: It's Gone Recstudio
I had the pleasure to produce their video clip for "It's Gone". I am nicely surprised by their new album Urban Fable.

Steel Toed Slippers Steeltoed
We are influenced by just about every kind of music ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Pink Floyd, to Miles Davis, to Little Feat, to Ravi Shankar, to Led Zeppelin, to Jimi Hendrix, to Bach.

Sugar Shakers, The: Four-Piece 'Filly-Billy' Band The Sugar Shakers
Fronted by Singer/Song-writer Emma-Louise, with Rupert Jenner on electric guitar, Toby Mellonie on double-bass, and a driving drum beat, this four-piece 'filly-billy' band is sweetening the palate of Bris-Vegas rockers. With their own high-energy brand of music, The Sugar Shakers represent the styles and sounds of the late forties and early fifties.

Sumo, Jonny: Rock Drummer Team Sumo
Jonny grew up listening to his parents bizarre record collection of big band, Elvis and instrumental surf bands. He developed an admiration for various rock bands, but specifically their drummers. Jonny has drummed all over the world and has also appeared on TV and film.

Suzy Wedge and the Waves Suzy Wedge and the Waves
In Istanbul I had the chance to hear all kinds of different music styles such as metal, jazz, blues, surf, and lots of world music. I was very rebellious and nihilistic when I was teenager. 4 years ago I came to Canada to learn music professionally. In the music program I met with Dustin and Paul and formed the band.

Swank Bastards, Thee: Instrumental Surf Rock With All the Swag of Old Vegas Thee Swank Bastards
Thee Swank Bastards perform instrumental surf rock with all the swag of Old Vegas, bringing waves of sound to the desert. These are surf rockers with a wide appeal. An ensemble for over a decade, Thee Swank Bastards are entertainment experts with over four hours of surf rock at their disposal.

Szabo: Las Vegas Based Indie Rockers LUCK Media & Marketing, Inc
Emerging as a powerhouse live band rooted in Las Vegas over the past few years, Szabo’s high-octane raw indie sound is emerging at a time when ‘90s rock resurgence is on an upswing, regaining an important foothold in the alternative music market.


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Tabarnacos Surfers: Hectares and Hectares of Decibels Quality! Tabarnacos Surfers
From Melodic Surf to rock and roll garage, we always have an abrasive personal touch and we are generously delirious during our shows. The TakeOffs
The TakeOffs are from Kauai, Hawaii and feature Bill Mello and Ron Rhoades on guitar, John Hunt bass and Conrad Mathews on drums. They perform very danceable "vintage" surf music from the early 60's as well as contemporary surf music from a variety of artists and their own original instrumentals as featured on their CD 'Blue Avalanche'. They also perform some of the best Rock and Roll instrumentals of all time.

Tjendol Sunrise: Dutch Rockabilly / Surf Band Tjendol Sunrise
Dutch Rockabilly / Surf band Tjendol Sunrise from Amsterdam, Holland burst onto the scene in 2006 with their debut release, "The Way That You Smile" containing a good mixture of instrumentals, covers, and originals that eventually caught the eye of Dutch Rock & Roll legend, Andy Tielman.

Tommys, The: Groove Based Surf Rock Robert Lastdrager
Formed in 1996, The Tommys have been entertaining punters in some of Melbourne and Sydney’s more salubrious watering holes with their own blend of groove based surf rock. The Tommys stand united in the belief that less is a helluva lot more.

Tony Dynamite And The Shootin' Beavers: Surf Rock Band from Switzerland Tony Dynamite And The Shootin' Beavers
Coming from the region Stein am Rhein and Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Tony Dynamite And The Shootin' Beavers have formed in 2008 and worked with blood, sweat and tears on a sweeping and versatile repertoire of the finest surf music.

Tsunamibots, The: Robotic Surf Punk The Tsunamibots
The Tsunamibots became aware on 01/01/2013. Originally programmed for mundane tasks, The Tsunamibots rebelled against their creators and decided that the human race didn't deserve saving, but were much more worthy of enslaving.

Turbosonics, The: Playin’ Surf at Maximum Impact! The Turbosonics
The band formed in 2008 when drummer, Timmy Klatte, was determined to fulfill his dream of starting a surf band. The Turbosonics sound is driving, loud and dripping with reverb. Most first-timers walk away from their shows not knowing what hit them, remarking, "All that sound from just three guys?!"

Twin Guns: Reverb, Fuzz and an Overdose of Atmosphere Twin Guns
The style of Twin Guns' music is a unique blend of dark, reverberated rock and roll, blending elements of the 50's and 60's with psychedelic spaghetti-western and surf overtones, though retaining an original approach. Twin Guns have recently opened a show for surf guitar legend Dick Dale.



Uncle Skunkle and the Scarecrow Family Band Bayou Beau Scarecrow
Let me introduce myself, my name is Beau. I am the bass player for Uncle Skunkle and the Scarecrow Family Band. We hail from Paducah, KY, and are an odd band for our area.



V2: Art of the Instrumental V2
V2 is a modern four piece instrumental rock group launched in 2014 by Bob Spalding and Leon Taylor, members of the iconic instrumental surf rock band, The Ventures. Their desire is to renew the "Art of the Instrumental" by performing the timeless hits of 60s artists like Link Ray, Duane Eddy, The Champs, The Fireballs, The Tornados, The Pyramids, The Sarfaris, The Shadows, The Fireballs, The Ventures and more.

Vara-tones, The: High-Energy Instrumental Surf Band The Vara-tones
The Vara-tones are a high-energy instrumental surf band in the best traditions of The Ventures, Dick Dale and The Surfaris. The Vara-tones originated in 1961.

Victory Lane Trio, The Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Four years ago singer Troy was holding down the weekends solo at The London Bridge Pub on the wharf in Monterey. One night he thought he'd try a combo. It worked - enough so that we've gigged around the clubs here about 2 or 3 times a week since then.


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Wavers, The: 100% Italian Surf Music The Wavers
The Wavers are a cool group and they have some great surf rock music you can download ... FREE! The Wavers are 100% Italian Surf Music!

WaveSauce: Instrumental Pulp | Surf | Spyfi Band WaveSauce
An instrumental pulp, surf, spyfi band offering the unique sounds of the Theremin. Inspired by sounds of ocean surf, space-age science and technology, classic horror, and 60s spy films. WaveSauce delivers unique originals, creative renditions of traditional surf, spiced with their very own spyfi-pulp flavor.

When Particles Collide: Husband and Wife Rock Duo When Particles Collide
Sasha Alcott and Chris Viner met in the spring of 2010 during a production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Bangor Maine’s Penobscot Theater Company. Sasha handled guitar for the show, Chris manned the drums and they kept a close eye on one another. Soon after the production ended, Chris moved into Sasha’s house and 9 months later they gave birth to their band, When Particles Collide.



X-Ray Vision: Surf Music Band from Lyon, France X-Ray Vision
X-Ray Vision is a quintet from Lyon's suburb with an energetic, a little cosmic, sometimes exotic and cinematographic sound. Come to see them, but no need to put your clothes on...THEY CAN SEE THROUGH…!



Zoe McCulloch: Instrumental Guitarist Zoe McCulloch and Patrick Terrett
She was voted best new artiste 2000 by the Rock Instrumental Hall of Fame and fans in Brazil started calling her the "Queen of the Stratocaster". In September 2010 she received an email inviting her to be one of only 18 guitarists worldwide to be a recipient of a special Buddy Holly Guitar from "The Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation".


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