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The Sounds of Bands and Artists

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...courtesy of Abisal () ()
Abisal was formed with the vision and intention of playing classic surf rock. Always respecting the traditional surf sound, the band has a repertoire that includes Dick Dale, The Astronauts and The Shadows, among others.

...courtesy of The Amino Acids ()
The Amino Acids' video of Fear The Future.

...courtesy of The Astroglides (The Astroglides website) ()
The Astroglides, who coined the term 'Surf Core' to describe their own blend of dark surf and metallic thrash-core, managed to galvanize a new power tool that retained the true essence of surf music with guitars played through vintage Fender amps, reverb units and speakers with the aid of a slashing theremin and exotic musical instruments.



...courtesy of Bitch Boys (Bitch Boys website) ()
The Bitch Boys' original compositions and cover arrangements are absolutely first rate. I'm talking ear bending, heart pounding, dripping wet, reverb soaked, double picked dynamite.

...courtesy of Boom Pam (Boom Pam website) ()
The Tel Aviv based band Boom Pam was formed in 2003 and play a mixture of Mediterranean, rock and surf music with 2 electric guitars, a tuba and drums.

...courtesy of The Breakaways (The Breakaways website) ()
The Breakaways are a traditional surf band. They use only vintage Fender equipment to achieve that classic surf sound. Collectively the band members have more than 100 years of experience as musicians.

...courtesy of The Brigantines (The Brigantines website)
The official video for 'Ray-Bans' - taken from The Brigantines' new album, 'Vacation!' The video was shot in Asbury Park, NJ and tells the story of the time I lost my favourite sunglasses in a wave.



...courtesy of The Chillers (The Chillers website) ()
The fans and groupies cried out for the music so... The Chillers, an authentic rock & roll band, was formed in New Jersey in 1991.

...courtesy of The Cocktail Preachers (The Cocktail Preachers website) ()
Get your groove on! It's erotic, a lot of exotic, a dish of curry with apple pie on the side.

...courtesy of The Concaves (The Concaves website)
This power trio - Jared (acid hands) Anderson, Mongo Celebrado and Bill "dogfish" Pitts - take surf rock music another step further into new waves of sound.

...courtesy of The Cosmic Vampires (The Cosmic Vampires website)
We are an instrumental group of surf terror galactico from Almeria, Spain. Our name: The Cosmic Vampires. We are in contact.

...courtesy of Cosmonauti (Cosmonauti website) ()
The much acclaimed instrumental surf band from Rome, Italy.


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...courtesy of The Defiant Ones (The Defiant Ones website)
Crank up the Hi-Fi and strap your ass down! The Defiant Ones are all about smashing your sensibilities with a high voltage two on the two punk surf beat. Bringing it on in a Fender fueled munitions package that will just knock your ass out!

...courtesy of The Diamondheads (The Diamondheads website) ()
Right from the opening note The Diamondheads flood your auditory canals with wet, drippy, slappy, body drenching reverb. What more needs to be said?

...courtesy of The Dillengers (The Dillengers website)
Consistently named best band in South Florida magazines and polls, The Dillengers have gained that recognition by continuously playing clubs and concerts with people like The Dixie Chicks, Little Richard, Los Straitjackets, NRBQ, Johnny Winter, George Thorogood, The Turtles, Marshall Crenshaw, Link Wray and The Red Elvises.

...courtesy of Dirty Fuse (Dirty Fuse at Reverb Nation) ()
The band Dirty Fuse was formed in mid 2008 by guitarist Duda Victor (Bufalos d'agua) and drummer Chris Kogios in order to explore the frenzied world of Surf, Rock 'n' Roll and Garage. Their first self-titled full-length CD will be released under Green Cookie Records. Stay alert!

...courtesy of Docteur Legume (Docteur Legume website) ()
ATOM TANGO by Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks. Natural and man-made disasters, science madness and 'tesla-reverb guitars' (tm)** How long will we dance the ATOM TANGO? ** warning: It's based on a true story.

...courtesy of Docteur Legume (Docteur Legume website) ()
Hey dudes, listen to (and watch) my new song! 60's Jet Set + deutsche baby cars and motorbikes + pyrotechnical maracas. All mixed-up in POP NOSTALGIA MOOD (tm): can you dig it? A special thanks to VASU who gave me this vintage footage, and thanks to Berlin folks. I hope to see you soon rum!!!

...courtesy of Docteur Legume (Docteur Legume website) ()
A new mission for secret agent K7: land on planet AMAZOON and save 3D women from slavery. Will he succeed and destroy the evil Wash-O?

...courtesy of Docteur Legume (Docteur Legume website) ()
Let's chill out with a new '100,000 Volts Ballad' featuring home-made surgery, a mature teasing cheek, theremins and various splashed reverbs!!! Who needs more?

...courtesy of Docteur Legume (Docteur Legume website) ()
How will you escape from a *freaked-out* strobe vision of love and life? Red pill or Blue pill? Follow the doctor ... to the savage planet!



Esquivo Devoluto: BOOM! (2013) ...courtesy of Marcelo Bertozzo ()
BOOM! (2013) is the third instrumental album by Esquivo Devoluto, a Brazilian instrumental surf rock band. Enjoy the music. Free downloads.



...courtesy of Ian (The Five website) ()
As you may have guessed the number 5 is very important to us. We are a 5-piece band, we are only going to play 5 shows, and we are releasing a 5-track EP. Then we're calling it a day!


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...courtesy of Guitar Bob Ohsiek ()
My girls playing Corcovado... Clever kids, they set up a few cameras, then Amanda [the sax player] edited it to one clip. We played like that [kinda unplugged] twice at a senior living complex. Went over well. It's hard since they're only home from school for Summer break and for Xmas. Katy plays piano too, so we learned some Christmas-y ones last year, like Linus and Lucy.

...courtesy of Guitar Bob Ohsiek ()
My daughter's video for my original Surf-ish instro... Video made and footage shot by my daughter, inc. shots around Pacific Grove here. You can barely make out Steamer Lane and other Santa Cruz locations across the bay.

...courtesy of The Gypsy Surfers ()
Since 2004 the band Brimsteinar now also known as The Gypsy Surfers (although that name is not official) has been playing surf rock oriented music, although in later years it has moved towards Shadows guitar rock. Guitarist Ace later developed an interest in gypsy jazz and Django Reinhardt tunes and the trade mark was born, Gypsy Surf.



...courtesy of Rob Hangmen () ()
Hangmen are a surf/garage/rock and roll band from South Wales. Listen to our first e.p "Hang Ten" on soundcloud.

Hard Luck Kings: Drag Zombie ...courtesy of Rick Reifenstein (Hard Luck Kings website)
The Hard Luck Kings high-energy shows and toe tapping music has brought many people to their feet to dance. Their success on stage is second only by the achievements of their recordings.



...courtesy of Conrad Swartz () ()
Played on Solo Surf Guitar, "Undertow" by The Insanitizers. Sometimes a surf guitarist would like to play songs solo. Perhaps it's impromptu, or at a party, when you're asked or if you just want to.

...courtesy of The Invisible Surfers (The Invisible Surfers website) ()
A monolithic bassline, pounding drums and an oriental sounding guitar are the fuel for the ultimate magic carpet ride.


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...courtesy of Jetpack (Jetpack website) ()
Surfy, dreamy, hypnotic sounds evoke a tide of musical introspection and exhilaration.



...courtesy of Guitar Bob Ohsiek ()
[Thanks to my daughter for uploading and making it a slide show.] Kelley [drums] and myself [gtr, tic-tac bass, 12-string, etc.] recorded this on CD a few years ago at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz.

...courtesy of Guitar Bob Ohsiek ()
This ancient high school auditorium was set up as the community venue for all kinds of shows—often classical music, etc. We rocked 'em for this reopening in 2004 [drummer used brushes]. I'm trying [and failing, as usual] to keep a lid on it with two little combo amps and my cheapo kit guitar.
I put up two more from that show now. I dig instros!
[PG auditorium Sleepwalk]

[PG auditorium Yellowjacket]

...courtesy of Guitar Bob Ohsiek ()
I thought of another one. Here's Surfer Joe [with the Triathlon announcers in the background]. Someone should've claimed the copyright on these three chords.

...courtesy of Guitar Bob Ohsiek ()
Here's Sleepwalk

and here's Pipeline [not sure what got into us that day]

King Beez: Instrumental Metal Influenced Surf Punk Music ...courtesy of Matt Groopie (King Beez website) ()
King Beez were formed in 2007 in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada and have taken the country by storm. Combine a Tarrantino vibe with James Bond attitude and campy 50's horror tactics and you get KING BEEZ!


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...courtesy of Laika & The Cosmonauts ()
From Finland's #1 surf/instro band, N.Y. '79 speaks to Joe Meek all the way.

...courtesy of Lava Pups (Lava Pups website) ()
Video of "Lava Tube" from debut performance opening for The Pyronauts, who rocked the house.

...courtesy of The Lava Rats (The Lava Rats website) ()
The San Francisco Bay Area has come to know the name of The Lava Rats. With their distinct blend of fiery originals and razor-sharp covers, this trio of surf musicians has made a lasting mark on the clubs in their hometown and beyond.

Los Atascados: Demos Atascados V.01 ...courtesy of Los Atascados ()
We are a rock surf band from Mexico City and we are sharing our "Demos Atascados V.01" until we finish the first LP. We hope you like it. Surf's Up!

...courtesy of Los Calamares ()
Think Pulp Fiction, Beach Party, James Bond, A Fistful of Dollars and the twangy guitar sound that unites them all. Los Calamares play sun-drenched Californian surf rock instrumentals from the early 60's to the revivalist bands of today, plus surfy-sounding spy music from the likes of John Barry and the great spaghetti western themes.

...courtesy of Los High Tops (Los High Tops website)
Who says Surf isn't commercially viable? Los High Tops wrote and recorded music for Hotwire's 30-second TV spots on Oprah!, SNL, E.R., Survivor and many fine programs.

...courtesy of Los Pocos Locos (Los Pocos Locos website)
A surf/alternative/garage band that keeps the listener involved with an ever-changing musical scenery.

...courtesy of Los Straitjackets (Los Straitjackets website)
Los Straitjackets' version of this Big Band standard. It's hot! Very hot! If you can sit still with this one playing - you're old.


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...courtesy of Messer Chups (Messer Chups website) ()
Messer Chups is a duo from St. Petersburg, Russia. Oleg Gitarkin on guitar and Zombi Girl on bass guitar. Their music combines surf, samples from '50s and '60s trash horror sci-fi movies, Soviet synthesizers, electronics.

...courtesy of Mister Neutron (Mister Neutron website)
Mister Neutron was formed in 1998 by two disgruntled Cranford, N.J., residents and one gruntled Chatham, N.J., boy. Eight years later, the quasi-gruntled trio is burning up the East Coast with its explosive surf / instro rock.

Mullet Monster Mafia, The: Clash of the Irresistible . Recording Sessions ...courtesy of The Mullet Monster Mafia ()
Video teaser with scenes from the recordings of MMMafia's new album "Clash of the Irresistible", recorded at MILESTONE STUDIO in Piracicaba/Sp, in April 2013.

...courtesy of The Mullet Monster Mafia ()
The Mullet Monster Mafia can be considered one of the biggest revelations of the Brazilian indie scene. The numerous feats achieved during their short career show how this instrumental quartet start to be a musical reference to Power Surf Music world scene.

...courtesy of The Mullet Monster Mafia ()
First program of the series TAKE ONE SESSION. In this episode the band The Mullet Monster Mafia presents an original version of the classic Nitro, Dick Dale. In TAKE ONE SESSION bands are recorded live without overdubs or tricks. Here the stakes are real.


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...courtesy of The Neptunas ()
You just know something is going to happen when they're in the building. That would be The Neptunas. Uber cool. Wet-your-pants fun. In short, Outrageous Women Rockers.

...courtesy of No Smoking On Board () () ()
"10 Waves of Bad Surf" from the album Boards and Bikinis.

...courtesy of George Boccanfuso (North of Malibu website) ()
We're getting the final mix down on that right now for the next cd. The song will roll over the credits of the Michael Z Gordon (The Markets) / Briana Skiba film "Dirty Little Trick."

...courtesy of George Boccanfuso (North of Malibu website) ()
Had a lot of fun at a post Superbowl gig..our friend Bob Malta from the Hugelarge band sat in for one here.

...courtesy of George Boccanfuso (North of Malibu website) ()
I'm hawking a 1 hour plus DVD of a pretty cool NoM live show..funds will go toward the production of our new cd that will be out soon..price..$12 shipped USA...$15 shipped worldwide..what a deal!  Message me should you want one.  Here are links to a couple more of the videos that are on the dvd:

...courtesy of George Boccanfuso (North of Malibu website) ()
I wrote it for a comp named "Earth Surfing" that was to be released by a small label..the idea was to get a bunch of surf bands to record songs with a vibe of a certain country/region .. After all the songs were recorded and sent, the fellow decided the economy was bad so wanted to hold off releasing it..was kinda weird as he released a cd of his band in the meantime..but I digress. The song did get released on a comp by Deep Eddy Records called "Off The Deep End" and is available on their site or from me. We also released it on the second pressing of the NoM cd "Impact Zone".

...courtesy of Kasper Gerlach ()
Surfrock and Sci-fi instrumentals. Surfdom for the 21st Century.

...courtesy of Nuke The Soup (Nuke The Soup website)
Filled With Dread is a kick-ass tune about wanting to live in the past. Lively and bouncy, it makes you want to tap your feet, bounce around the room, climb into your car and bob your head as you cruise the boulevard searching for a time tunnel to the past.



...courtesy of Pollo Del Mar (Pollo Del Mar website)
Mystical music from the Twilight Zone. I think I'm in touch with Rod Serling.

...courtesy of Commandante (Pozor Vlak website) ()
Fuzz! Surf! Trash! Pozor Vlak was founded in the lazy summer days of 1996 as a trio. Their task was to teach the people how to surf 'n' roll. So, they began to write dozens of songs influenced by the music of the Phantom Surfers, Link Wray and a lot of other great bands and artists.

...courtesy of The Pyronauts (The Pyronauts website) ()
Talk about party animals, The Pyronauts take the cake. They are FUN! The Pyronauts turn it on, wind it up and blow it out! It's no small wonder they're crowd favorites.


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...courtesy of The Razorblades (The Razorblades website) ()
Founded in 2002 by guitarist Rob Razorblade the band went on a mission to show the world that there is another kind of surf music, in a style the Beach Boys wouldn’t have wasted a single thought about.



...courtesy of Tdsurf (Sound Of The Surf website) ()
Jon and the Nightriders brought Surf back to the LA scene in 1979. This video is J&tN reunited almost 30 years later and with no rehearsal.

Sumo, Jonny: An Opus for Rock Drums in 3 Pieces ...courtesy of Jonny Sumo (Jonny Sumo website)
Well...did a little recording and video yesterday...all recording (video and sound) by Chris Dunn. The piece is called 'Beast', somewhat pretensiously I have described it as 'An opus for rock drums'.

Sumo, Jonny: Rock Drummer ...courtesy of Jonny Sumo (Jonny Sumo website)
Jonny grew up listening to his parents bizarre record collection of big band, Elvis and instrumental surf bands. He developed an admiration for various rock bands, but specifically their drummers. Jonny has drummed all over the world and has also appeared on TV and film.

Surf Noir ...courtesy of Surf Noir (Surf Noir website)
Surf Noir started playing surf instrumentals when they were seventeen, but now they´re old and wise and play songs with vocals as well. Surf Noir think that they invented the genre Surf Noir, and sound like Dick Dale has invited Queens of the Stone Age to back him and Chris Isaak to sing. Kind of. This is dark, but fun music.

...courtesy of Suzy Wedge and the Waves (Suzy Wedge and the Waves website)
Conceived in the beginning days of 2009, Suzy Wedge and the Waves are a revolution being birthed as a reaction to social inequity. Known for high-energy performance and incredibly danceable sound, Suzy Wedge and the Waves are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

...courtesy of The Swiv-O-Matics (The Swiv-O-Matics website) ()
Boy, wouldn't I love to hear this blasting over the loudspeakers at WalMart during the holidays!



...courtesy of Tabarnacos Surfers ()
Our band was born a bit accidentally 4 years ago and now it has become our passion. We are a trio composed of two brothers, Guy Poulin: Guitars and André Poulin: Drums, and a childhood friend, Pat Myette: Bass. We love our public so much that we do not hesitate to give them generously hectares and hectares of decibels quality!

Tommys, The: Grow Fins ...courtesy of Robert Lastdrager (The Tommys website) ()
Formed in 1996, The Tommys have been entertaining punters in some of Melbourne and Sydney’s more salubrious watering holes with their own blend of groove based surf rock.


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...courtesy of Bayou Beau Scarecrow () ()
We hail from Paducah, KY, and are an odd band for our area. We play a genre of music we call Punkasurfsbluesabilly, which I guess you can classify as a type of garage rock.



...courtesy of The Vara-tones (The Vara-tones website)
The Vara-tones are a high-energy instrumental surf band in the best traditions of The Ventures, Dick Dale and The Surfaris. After putting in about a year of garage time, the group gigged around Southern California during the height of the surfing craze ('63 - '65) and released a single, 'Repeto' on the Kay label in 1964.



...courtesy of Wah Wah Willie (Wah Wah Willie website)
Dennis Nattrass is Wah Wah Willie. Currently, he does soundtracks, session work and plays live in addition to composing.

...courtesy of The Wavers () ()
100% Italian Surf Music.


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