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Personal Music Gear and Accessories

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BF Princeton Reverb Cloney Thing Tubeswell
I did this in 2009 starting from a Weber 6A14 kit with a 12" Weber Sig12 and a DR spec output transformer. The amp puts out about 15W clean, and I gig it with another Weber Sig12 in an extn cab and it really screams.

Blue Enuf for Ya? Guitar Bob Ohsiek
This $100 or less Saga kit axe is still one of my main guitars. Something about the nice neck maybe, though it was bad out of the box and frets needed to be leveled, etc. The old red glitter was getting faded so I stripped it and redid it in blue flake.



Dan "Hound Dog" Taylor's Customized Music Man Gear Dan "Hound Dog" Taylor
Cabinets and a shell I later built for my HD 150. They are made of 5/8" clear solid oak, except for the speaker baffle which is oak 5 plywood. They are loaded with EV-EVM 12-S speakers. My amps are my Music Man HD 150, 1970 Super Reverb, Carvin X 100 B, Fender M-80 (for jamming/easy moving) and a rouge 30R for headphone playing.



Echoes and Shadows Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Just sharing a pic of someone's neat collection of Echoplexes and other brands.

EF86-Based Amps Tubeswell
Here are a couple of amps I did this year - both feature an EF86 in V1. The first one is a parallel single-ended amp with trem that can run a variety of octals in the output stage.



Fender Dual Showman Reverb TFL 5000D Amps (1969 and 1970) Duke
I was lucky enough to buy two Fender Dual Showman Reverb TFL 5000D amps from a friend. One is a '69, the other a '70. The amps need some cleaning and polishing, but they work great.

Fuzz Head Surfer Mrbluetone
Playing since '74. I started in Mach Orange and played the California College scene. Here's a pic of my effects I use with my trusty ol' Strat.



George Boccanfuso's Gear Collection George Boccanfuso
Here are some pictures and information on the gear I've found over the last 10 years or so. This represents a LOT of horsetrading and buying and selling to dig up the dough, but it's been a great trip! Lucky I have an understanding wife!

Guitar Bob Ohsiek's Home Built Amps Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Here's some pics of some amps I've built for personal use. I use these at gigs every week. To the left is a 2-12 combo with a bit of across-the-Atlantic vibe to it.


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Hagstrom III Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Some basement must've flooded or something—this had mildew and corrosion. Then someone sprayed clear poly everywhere, including the pickguard....[jeez, why seal in the mold?]

Homemade Relic Job on a P-bass Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Bass player Mike threw this pile o' Asian parts together this week, then sanded and beat upon the thing to get the 'relic' look.

"How many amps do you need, babe?" "Just one more." The OD Twanger 85 Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Out of a neglected Fender Showman head from a Pacific Grove back yard... Too good to toss, I hacked off the rustiest end, picked out the leaves and spiders, rewired it as a single-channel 85-watt head, and stuffed it all into redwood and alder boxes I made from salvaged shelves.



I Can't Stop Cranking Out Toys Over Here, And I Have To Tell Somebody! Guitar Bob Ohsiek
A couple of new amps and a new guiter. The old wooden amp is from an abandoned '50s organ. I salvaged the tube-powered chassis, speaker, grill cloth, etc. trimmed down the wood sides, added an ancient ammeter (the more eye candy, the better, eh?) and some drawer handles.

Ibanez ST200 Guitar Wombat
I bought this Ibanez ST200 guitar from a guy for $150. It has 24 frets with humbucker pickups. Mahogany neck and body. Rosewood fingerboard. Active electronics. It has the original hardcase. It has great tone and fast action. Flick that white switch and the active electronics kick in and make it sound like a good fuzztone.

It Is Show Business, After All Guitar Bob Ohsiek
We've all seen 'em from up front [whether we know it or not!]. Here's a good shot from in back.



Jetson Amp Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Another low budget combo using scavenged parts and lumber. [I think all I spent was $10 for the handle, $7 for the white piping, and $6 for fabric.] I finally got this going when a friend found me four anodized TV legs...which called for the 'Marvin the Martian' motif.



Kay K-125 Guitar Emma Gunn
We purchased this Kay guitar at a garage sale many years ago. It was out in the grass, propped against a tree. We believe it's a K-125, thanks to some information we received. If so, it's very rare and may be a collector's item. Kay only made the K-125 in 1952 and 1953.


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My '69 Twin Reverb Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Here's my '69 Twin Reverb [seems I've had several over the years]. These things sure have maximum swat...great for any outdoor gigs.

My Lil Tweed Surfer Rig Tubeswell
This combination puts out about 15W and has the sweetest stand alone reverb unit. The trem in the amp (based on a 5G9 - '58 tweed tremolux) has the most hypnotic slam. Both units took me about 6 months to build altogether (3 mo each) and about another 2 months of tweaking.

My $60 Harmony Rocket Cerulean Ravenwing
I bought this Harmony Rocket from the original owner for $60. He bought it new in the mid '60s. It's had meticulous care and is in primo condition. I don't think he played it much. It's about as new as you can get. It has a beautiful, warm tone thanks to DeArmond/Rowe pickups.

My Surfin' Amp Tubeswell
This effort took me about 4 months from scratch and then another 6 months to tweak. Built everything labouriously by hand. Besides that regular tweed bassman controls and trem controls, it has four types of reverb control (dwell, recovery-drive, recovery tone and recovery level) and puts out about 40W.



New Pedal Day George Boccanfuso
For the last couple of years I've been messing about with a couple of echo units/pedals..real tape and analog and mostly use an El Capistan and sometimes a Yamaha Magicstomp loaded with the "Echos From The Past" patches by Charlie Hall. Recently I found out about a pedal called the Gemini III that is not an echo but when added to the chain with one can nail the Hank Marvin tone...and more.

Nice Amp Idea Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Someone made a Showman [85 watts] combo w/ two chromedome Weber tens. Leo Fender did this during the Music Man days w/ his higher powered 2-10 combos.


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Old Guitar Want-Ads Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Fellow Pennysaver perusers might get a kick from these old newspaper clippings. Think maybe he'd take a hunski for the old Tele?

Only a Bargain if I Can Resist Expensive Pickups Guitar Bob Ohsiek
All week I tried to avoid a CL ad for a $20 Strat. They reposted it and in a weak moment I called and picked it up.



Roland EP-9 Digital Piano Duke
The Roland EP-9 is an excellent, durable, full 88-key piano. Mine has been in use for nearly 20 years and still works as well as the day it was purchased.



SciFi Amp Guitar Bob Ohsiek
I answered a want ad for a broken Super Reverb some years back but just missed it. The guy felt bad and let me have this pyramid-shaped Yamaha amp for $25. These amps came with an oddly shaped large speaker w/ a styrofoam cone [same spkrs are in Fender Bantam Bass amps].

Surf Rock Guitar String Sizes Hailey and Us
Does anyone know what size of strings I should buy to get the dark, rich sounds Dick Dale gets?


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Tube Amp Sites Tubeswell
I am a confirmed tube amp building junkie. So here's a list of go-to sites for queries about tube amps. (But please refrain from mucking around inside them unless you have a pretty thorough understanding about tube amp electronics - no liability accepted - dangerously high voltages - not for kids etc.)



When I Finally Scored a Fender Jazzmaster Guitar Bob Ohsiek
In the early '90s I was in an Escondido music store when a real derelict looking old guy came in wanting to swap his old JMAS for a Tele. The music store wouldn't go for it so I snagged him aside and told him I would. I'd always wanted a real Surf gtr., especially a '64 Jazzmaster like this.



Y'gotta Love A Black Tolex Bassman Guitar Bob Ohsiek
Silverface or Blackface. There were several iterations and layout variations over the years, but I've always thought they were just perfect, solid-sounding 50-watt amps.


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