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3 Balls Of Fire: Somewhere On The Deep Blue Pacific Emma Jade Gunn
Somewhere On The Deep Blue Pacific is a Soul and Passion kind of CD and I mean Soul and Passion with the big S and P. You don't have to be a surf rock fan or a rock 'n' roll maniac to listen to 3 Balls Of Fire. These gifted musicians make Somewhere On The Deep Blue Pacific's 12 instrumental tracks reach for the stars.


Abominable Showmen: The Abominable Showmen Justin Hayes
These guys are animals! Their self-titled album features 12 ass-busting tracks ranging from surf to metal/punk-infused surf. Hailing from Columbia, Missouri, this landlocked trio doesn't let the lack of a nearby ocean get in the way. Their brand of surf music will blow the boiler off a locomotive and a surfboard off a tsunami. It's balls-to-the-wall all of the way with ferocious, high-drama tunes. The Abominable Showmen exploded through my headphones with the force of a Rocky Marciano fist.

Aloha Screwdriver: The Haunted Planet Justin Hayes
What a cool, fun band! Aloha Screwdriver is an instrumental surf, rock and twang trio based in Alameda, California. Their songs have been featured on History Channel's American Pickers. The Haunted Planet is Aloha Screwdriver's 11-track, all-instrumental CD. It has enough boo-factor to scare the pants off a centipede.

Aloud: It's Got To Be Now Emma Jade Gunn
When I heard Aloud, it reminded me of the halcyon days when there was an amazing female and dynamic male voice lending fullness and panache to beautifully and powerfully written songs. What? What? WHAT? Did I really just compare Aloud to Ella Fitzgerald and Bill Kenny of The Inkspots? Oh, baby, I sure did! It's a treat beyond compare to get a new duo trading out like the old days. I can't tell you how hot damn good these guys are.

Amatus: Broken Compass Justin Hayes
Like a fine-tuned 428 Cobra Jet engine, I know hot when hear it, and Amatus is HOT. Amatus loves life in NY, Philly, everywhere! She's the dynamo who did the sound-design/score for Sunset Baby at Philip Seymour Hoffman's Labyrinth Theater Company. Whoa! Yes, I can dig it! She's scoring a documentary called Daisy and Max for Al-Jazeera America. Hey, you know what? That's a lot of talent to love!

Amaxa: On The Other Side Justin Hayes
Light me up, lay me down and slip some phones on my head. Crank up On The Other Side and don't try to contact me for the next 41 minutes. I won't be able to move while I groove on this far out, stoned-out EP. Don't let the fact that it's a five-song EP fool you. It packs more than 41 minutes of mind-altering music in those five tracks. There's no getting around the fact that On The Other Side is filled with bodacious, kick-ass music.

Amino Acids, The: Destroy the Warming Sun! Lisabeth Posthuma
If hyperactivity were communicated in sound wave, the result would be The Amino Acids' sophomore release, Destroy the Warming Sun! This album is a satirical, retrospective nod to 1960's B movies with UFOs floating via visible fishing wire!

AmpFibians, The: The Surf Guitar Heard 'Round the World Justin Hayes
Are they frogs? Yep, some of that. Are they men? A little of that, too. What's it spell? Frogmen! Wow, these dudes are, like, real live frogmen! How cool is that? The AmpFibians' new album, The Surf Guitar Heard 'Round the World, features nine bodacious tracks of outstanding all-original surf and instro music. Everyone is going to love this thirty-minute work of art, except for ... maybe ...paleontologists.

Apache 65: Kingdom Of The Snake Emma Jade Gunn
Psychedelic surf? Yes, some of that. Spaghetti? Most definitely. Soul? You get that, too. Let me go on record, though, as saying Apache 65's DNA is Surf Noir at its tightest, darkest, most incredible foundation. The band rocks in the abyss and ascends on sheets of lightning on this CD about a man who, basically, goes crazy and maybe even murderous. I'll watch your back if you'll take cautious care of mine.

Apemen, The: 7+ Inches Of Love Justin Hayes
7+ Inches Of Love is a deliciously wild CD. Its 20 instrumental tracks are packed to the hilt with a bodacious collection of surf, garage and hot rod music. Every track is totally cool. There are absolutely no B-sides on 7+ Inches Of Love. The Apemen demonstrate a prodigious ability to pump out great music, and pump it out with ferocity. It's an exceptional group of recordings by an exceptional band of primates.

Aquamarines, The: Off The Radar Emma Jade Gunn
Let's see. So far The Aquamarines have made my heart beat faster than Gene Krupa, stop on a drop and skip on a trip. They made me see green, envy green. They made me fall in love, get tummy gooey, and all wide-eyed with gambling fever.

Aquamarines, The: School of Reverb Live! Tess Madsen
This great CD was recorded live at radio station KZSU Stanford. It carries a great variety of surf rock from every end of the spectrum. You'll hear amped up reverb crazy hot pickin', to melodies that play on your nostalgic heartstrings ... and most every song in between will have you wigglin' and movin' all night long.

Aquatudes, The: Unsafe At Any Speed! Justin Hayes
Unsafe At Any Speed! is The Aquatudes' debut 12-track CD. With it, they've wasted no time climbing into the upper echelons of instrumental bands. The world of instro music can look forward to a bright future as The Aquatudes turn us on with their terrific sounds. Unsafe At Any Speed! is a bodaciously excellent collection of original music.

Astroglides, The: Channel Surfing Cerulean Ravenwing
A powerful, double picking phoenix screams through the jungle on wings of reverb. Right from the first track Channel Surfing With... The Astroglides grabs the jugular, holds on tight and takes you for a wild ride deep into the Reverb Trench. No let-downs. Consistent quality!

Astroglides, The: Selling Out Emma Jade Gunn
The Astroglides have created their own huge sound. It's an outrageous, delicious sound that I love. What can I say about this incredible CD? It's totally bodacious. It sent Emmy into a tail wagging frenzy. What can I say about The Astroglides? They're totally cool!

August York: Swimming Upstream Emma Jade Gunn
I've been listening to a CD called Swimming Upstream. And, right now, I am one happy country-meets-city dudette! August York is the musical equivalent of Texas Tea, or, to be more accurate, Nashville Mule. Yes, they're country. Yes, they're city. Yes, they're all that and put a cherry on top. They're from Nashville. They play folk/pop. And they'll pop the socks right off of you, folks.



B11: Debut Album Stephen L. Robbins
A hefty chunk of Lou Donaldson, Henry Mancini, some Stevie Wonder and a few more can get your pulse racing and lips twitching into a smile. Billed as "B11 is Vitamin for the Soul," this professional jazz group offers everything from surf to funk and jazz to reggae. Then they funk up the surf, jazz out the reggae and deliver fantastic sounds.

Bensusan, Pierre: Encore Duke
Pierre Bensusan is world renowned as the "Mozart of Guitar." Encore elegantly takes listeners on the journey Bensusan traveled to become, in a phrase, The Best of the Best. Named Album of the Month for December 2013 by Spain's ultimate guitar magazine, Guitarra Total, this 40th Anniversary collection of songs captivates as only live performances can.

Bensusan, Pierre: In Concert At The Alberta Rose Theatre In Portland, Oregon Devon Cathlin
I recently discovered Pierre Bensusan, a remarkable man who is on his Fortieth Anniversary Tour. Imagine: Forty years. More than 3,000 performances spanning the globe. Although I had listened many, many times to his Encore CD collection, I was in for a very special treat when I saw his live performance in Portland, Oregon during the USA leg of his Fortieth Anniversary Tour. I was enchanted by the whole of what I experienced. I simply couldn't take my eyes and ears away from the stage.

Beth Donnelly and Doug Feller: My Heart is For You Devon Cathlin
The Rose City has always had a diverse and vital musical persona covering every genre known. From blues to bluegrass to opera ... wait, did I say OPERA? Yes. A thousand times YES! One of the greatest gifts Portland offers is the duo of Beth Donnelly and Doug Feller. They are our very own opera delights and have produced a new CD for those not fortunate enough to live among the roses. My Heart is For You has twelve tracks, plus a bonus, for a total of thirteen ways to enjoy astonishing singing ranging from Verdi to Puccini.

Bevel Emboss: Celluloid Emma Jade Gunn
I can tell good stuff when I hear it and the members of Bevel Emboss are fantastic. If I had any idea they made instro music this great in Amsterdam, I would have found a way to get there. It's worth swimming across the pond for, that's for sure! I rocked hard when I listened to the Celluloid CD.

Bitch Boys: Behind The Hound Dog Walls Stephen L. Robbins
This Slovenian band has everything going for it and no drawbacks, except they're over there and we're over here. Come on over to the USA, guys. Recorded live at a club called "Hound Dog", the drama of this group of musicians is to be found in talent!

Bitch Boys: In Heat Duke
My love affair with surf rock has lasted more than 50 years. In that time I've listened to some kick-ass tunes. But, In Heat offers up some of the best surf music I've ever heard. I'm talking ear bending, heart pounding, dripping wet, reverb soaked, double picked dynamite.

Black Tarantula: Deze Kant Boven Justin Hayes
Black Tarantula. Great name for a band and so apropos. What we have here are four arachnids. These guys have 32 arms and legs. This Dutch surf band proves there's more to surf than the blue waters of Southern California. Black Tarantula bares their fangs, wraps their mighty appendages around their instruments and lets it fly with seven tracks of bodacious instrumental surf rock. No B sides on Deze Kant Boven. None.

Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, The: 40 Million Miles To Earth Justin Hayes
Released in October 2012, 40 Million Miles To Earth is an otherworldly, warp drive, two-track single by The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies. The 'Zeta Puppies have packed more punch and musical entertainment in those two tracks alone than many 20-song CDs have in their entirety. Who are The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies? That's a good question.

Blue Tofu: Our Room Duke
Singer/lyricist Andrea Mathews and Grammy-nominated composer/multi-instrumentalist Tim Story, deliver a stunning listening experience. They draw you in and engulf you in a tide of musical seductiveness. Our Room has depth, breadth and richness thanks to their vast arsenal of musical knowledge, ability and avant-garde qualities. It will be difficult to do them justice with mere words. It's time to break out the thesaurus.

Bolan, Rolan: Electric Sunset Emma Jade Gunn
Rolan Bolan IS a superhero of music and that doesn't even begin to cover what this dude does with his voice and lyrics. He doesn't need tights or a cape. Nope. All he needs is his own fabtab self to fix a girl's need for brilliant days and velvet nights. Rolan's music is an absolute diamond mine of fresh sounds that will evoke experiences from within, without and every space in between. His debut album, Electric Sunset, blew my mind, grabbed my heart in a crushing hold, stopped my breath before it escaped to the ethers, and left me starry-eyed for more.

Bonney & Buzz: Play Rough Emma Jade Gunn
Bonney and Buzz's Play Rough CD is advertised as Surf / Instrumental Rock. It hits on all eight cylinders in both genres plus a few more. Play Rough is going to cross some barriers because it definitely, deliciously and defiantly crosses genres with panache and pure power. Simply Great!

Brave New Surf: 20-Track Compilation CD Duke
Brave New Surf is a fantastic CD. It brings together 20 great bands on one disc. Combined, they serve up a 20-course music feast fit for kings and queens. Get ready for fun and excitement as Brave New Surf entertains you with 65 minutes of world-class instro surf sounds. This is one CD you don't want to pass up.

Breakaways, The: Time Surfin' Stephen L. Robbins
I consider the day I was asked to review Time Surfin' to be one of my luckiest. This is a really fantastic collection of classic style surf rock. The Breakaways are a blast from the past and are deeply connected to some of the best traditional surf music you're ever going to hear!

Brigantines, The: Last Chance To Dance Duke
Let's have a sock hop! You bring the refreshments and I'll bring Last Chance To Dance. We'll hit the floor 'til our socks fall off of our feet. The music is refreshing and it rocks. This last chance to trip the light fantastic is brought to us courtesy of the The Brigantines. Last Chance To Dance is their latest offering ... and it's an excellent one. Four tracks of toe-tapping, leg-shaking, instro coolness populate the EP. The Brigantines never fail to impress. They never disappoint.

Brigantines, The: Ocean Park Stephen L. Robbins
The Brigantines always bring it in spades and their new single, Ocean Park, is no exception. It's a great mix of old rock 'n' roll sounds updated with modern nuances to bring out the best of its type. What we have with The Brigantines' Ocean Park is an old sound made modern and, in the process, better by the talents of the best the Jersey shore has to offer.

Brigantines, The: Vacation! Justin Hayes
With a combination of vocal and instro tunes, Vacation! is a monumental cut above the rest of the vocally infused albums I've heard in many moons. What makes Vacation! so different and so cool is that the lyrics are fun, interesting, and tell captivating stories in two and three-minute musical chapters.

Bubonik Funk: Oddfish Volume One Emma Jade Gunn
Funk, baby, is where it's at and if a band can reference Kerouac while knocking my knickers into knots, all the better. Don't you want to R'n'R to men of music who nonchalantly claim that deep raspy soul, abstract art and flightless birds are their influences? Right on! You can rock. You can roll. You can do it to Bubonik Funk even if you are so uptight you actually DEFINE R'n'R as The Beatles. Listen, baby, come with me. Grab the boys of fun and funk and meet me at the nearest drive-in for spiked Coca Cola and some dancing on the blacktop.

Buchanan, Katie: Go Devon Cathlin
I would love to spend a day in this woman's shoes. She intrigues me. There is something distinctly Daedalean about Katie Buchanan. She can build a labyrinth of thought with her music, then build the wings to fly far above it. Buchanan is a workaholic, adept at every facet of the musical vibe she parlays into songs both beautifully nuanced and tangibly intimate.

Buffalo Stack: Buffalo Stack Emma Jade Gunn
If ever there was a time to get down, get wild, get dirty and get it on, this is it. Baby, I was born to love the blues. So, when I say Buffalo Stack is a four carat Cartier diamond instead of a Cracker Jack ring, you can take it to the bank. My spine literally burns fire and turns to jelly when they hit it just right. Warning: They hit it right every single song.


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Charlie and the Foxtrots: Golden Devon Cathlin
Golden has five tracks, plus a bonus song, for a total of six ways to thoroughly enjoy yourself. That's six tunes for you to fall in love with. And I guarantee that you are going to fall in love with Charlie and the Foxtrots, too. If it can be picked, plucked, percussed, blown into or on, slid, bowed or tickled, Charlie and the Foxtrots do it. They are a full dictionary of techniques, both unique and distinct. I bet it's going to be fun cutting the rug with these guys!

Cilia, Martin: Surf Explosion Stephen L. Robbins
Is you play guitar for the legendary Atlantics, you have to be good. Extremely good. Enter Martin Cilia. Extremely good doesn't begin to cover things when you're talking about his ability with a guitar. This man can flat get with an axe. Make no mistake about it, he's great. Martin's new composition, Surf Explosion, is as good as surf music gets. It's performed in the classic surf style with two guitars, a bass and drums.

Clarke, Mick: Ramdango Emma Jade Gunn
Mick Clarke has released Ramdango, a rockin' new thirteen-song album. With a tantalizing mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, it covers just about everything I've ever loved in music. It has fifties sounds, blues sounds, spaghetti sounds, boogie-woogie sounds, breath-taking sounds and OMG-that's-way-too-cool-for-words sounds.

Classic Rock Instrumentals (Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation) Duke
Classic Rock Instrumentals is an outstanding book. It features 29 tunes with plenty of surf and surf related music, including Pipeline. Each song has notation, tablature and a brief history. An introduction and notation legend are included.

Cocktail Preachers, The: The Exotic Moods Of Emma Jade Gunn
They had me in their pocket, wet and mushy and melting at the touch of their hands like a Hershey's Kiss on a sunny day. Oh, Stevie, Phil, Bruce, Rick! What will I do with you boys? This CD is going to be my standby on those days when the Em needs some very serious sound strokes to bring on the Ooooh Factor.

Coconauts, The: Get Coco-naughty! Emma Jade Gunn
One upon a time a group of four Coconauts reentered Earth's atmosphere and landed their spaceship on Surfy Islands in the South Pacific. Or so the story goes. I believe it's true, just like my mama should have believed it when I told her pumpkin pie is a meal all by itself. She said I should stop being naughty and eat dinner. If I'd known then what I know now, I could have told her naughty is a point of view not to be trifled with. Case in point, Get Coco-naughty!, the debut album by The Coconauts.

Coconauts, The: I Drove My Car To Heaven Duke
The Coconauts' I Drove My Car To Heaven is an eargasmic delight. The three original instrumental tunes showcase the depth, diversity and direction of the band. The trio punches out as much sound as any band with four, five, or even six members. Excellent musicianship and excellent sounds permeate I Drove My Car To Heaven.

Concaves, The: Warning, Heavy Surf Advisory Tammy Tenino
I've had a few mind-altering experiences come out of Santa Cruz. One of them was Warning, Heavy Surf Advisory by The Concaves. This power trio takes surf rock music another step further into new waves of sound. Warning shows the prowess of this talented and highly experienced group.

Concussions, The: Fall In Love With The Concussions Emma Jade Gunn
What an uber fab band! Sooo, where have they been all of my life? Are they a secret society? Who are The Concussions? Their album, Fall In Love With The Concussions, is the first of a pair of CDs this Michigan based instro combo are releasing this year. It definitely whet my appetite for the second.

Continental Magazine, The: Issue #19 Duke
The Continental Magazine is chock-full of reviews, articles, interviews and timely information about our favorite genres. In addition to the many hours of fun and enlightening reading, Issue #19 comes with a free 25-track CD, filled with some of the coolest music by some of the best bands on today's music scene.

Continental Magazine, The: Issue #19 Compilation CD Tess Madsen
Continental Magazine and Double Crown Records have released a fantastic compilation CD. It's included free with Issue #19. Get this - there are 25 tracks of the best surf and instro rock music, played by 25 of the best bands on the planet. 24 tracks are instrumental, one has lyrics, all have the thing that matters most to me; coolness to the max! The Continental Magazine Issue #19 CD is a smorgasbord of top instro music.

Cordelia Records: Beyond The Sea Commandante
Straight out of the Cordelia Records laboratory comes the newest compilation. This comp is mighty fun! You don't have to be ashamed anymore when listening to Barbie Girl, Super Freak, Take on Me or all the other hits. An ear catcher is an ear catcher!

Cosmic Monster: Cosmic Monster Cerulean Ravenwing
I'd already reviewed one of the tracks from Cosmic Monster on a compilation CD, so I knew I'd be righteously grooving to the sounds. Six tight tracks on a self-titled debut from Cosmic Monster chased my blues away. A great debut CD and a must-have for any true instrumental surf fan, regardless of the sub-genre!

Crazy Aces: Greatest Hits Volume 2 Emma Jade Gunn
You have to love a group that calls their debut CD Greatest Hits Volume 2, especially when they're in Nashville and it's a surf CD. Even more so when it also has Spaghetti, Spy and, oh-my-goodness, everything else.

Crazy Aces: Surfadelic Spy-a-Go-Go Emma Jade Gunn
Hey, I know these guys! They rocked my universe with their debut album which was appropriately called Greatest Hits Volume 2. What? Didn't that make sense? Well, look ... here's the thing ... they're from Nashville, they play surf music, they write instro rock uber-swell. And they do all of that surfy stuff without a single swell in sight. Crazy!

Cubic Feet: The Living End (then and now) Duke
Cubic Feet's new album, The Living End (then and now), is, well, the living end. Imagination, creativity, quality, great tunes and all of the things we love about music are neatly folded into this double CD package. There are 21 songs split between the two CDs. Yes, there's great music. But what really sets this album apart is, literally, then and now.

Cutback: Surfers Journey Justin Hayes
Cutback's seventeen-track CD, Surfers Journey, is a total gas. Fifty minutes of some of the best damn music your player will ever spin. Hey, these dudes actually surf. Who is better qualified to pen surf music than real surfers who just happen to be musicians, too? Dive in, get wet and get this CD. Beg, borrow, steal ... just get it ... well, maybe not steal. Aw, you know what I mean. Surfers Journey is one disc you don't want to miss.


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Daikaiju: Phase 2 Cerulean Ravenwing
Daikaiju is, without a doubt, at the top of their game and at the top of the psycho/interstellar music pecking order. I'm a huge fan of space rock and Daikaiju's album, Phase 2, has vaulted to the top of my must-listen-to list. They create vivid, colorful visuals in my mind, telling stories with their notes, weaving a tapestry that's unassailable. Daikaiju's Phase 2 proves they don't have peers in their genre.

Danger*Cakes: Dessert First Emma Jade Gunn
I love chicks with licks and these chicks have some serious licks. Danger*Cakes freaking rocks it, chocks it, clocks it, tick-tocks it and socks it out of the park. Dessert First, baby! Danger*Cakes is an Austin based all-girl band that sounds and has a stage presence unlike anyone else. Dessert First is an uber fab ten-track debut CD. Danger*Cakes played and sang their way into this girl's heart, for sure..

Dead Rocks, The: IL Grilletto D'Oro Justin Hayes
IL Grilletto D'Oro is a neat all-instro CD, housing ten spaghetti and other western style tunes. It doesn't have any of that watered down, tear-in-your-beer shit. This is ten tracks of western music, the way western music should be played. The diverse mixture of mood-setting tunes keeps the interest level at a peak.

Dead Rocks, The: International Brazilian Surfs Justin Hayes
In keeping with what I find to be a great Brazilian tradition, The Dead Rocks are excellent musicians packing a potent collection of music. Call it 4th wave or new wave, The Dead Rocks' willingness to push the surf music boundaries makes International Brazilian Surfs a cool listening experience.

Dead Rocks, The: One Million Dollar Surf Band Justin Hayes
I want to stress the steadfast high quality that is a hallmark of The Dead Rocks' CDs. Everything from the music to the production is consistently excellent. Every track is a work of art and stands on its own. One Million Dollar Surf Band is an appropriate title. The Dead Rocks are wizards at their craft and take a back seat to nobody.

Dead Rocks, The: Surf Explosão Justin Hayes
How is it possible to improve upon excellence? How do these men manage to up the ante by pushing the boundaries of perfection? Are they men or are they automatons? Regardless of what the answers to my questions may be, The Dead Rocks' prodigious output of ultra high-quality music has earned the respect of the surf music world. Their new album, Surf Explosão, is no exception. Eleven fantastic tunes coming at you Dead Rocks style.

Dead Rocks, The: Tiki Twist Duke
I love this album a lot. I mean a WHOLE lot. I was in my teens back in the early '60s. That old surf and rock 'n' roll was, and still is, my thing. The Dead Rocks have captured the sound. Tiki Twist is an absolutely fabulous CD and brings you eleven outstanding tracks of instro surf and rock 'n' roll.

Deep Eddy: Three-Way Vol. 1 Cerulean Ravenwing
Serendipity sent me an e-mail. Just a brief note, really, asking if I was available to review a new surf release from Deep Eddy Records. I wanted some nostalgic surf rock with a new-found twist to it. I got all I wanted, and more, with Three-Way Vol. 1. Three phenomenal bands, each performing three incredible songs. I'd love to see two more albums like this.

Deep Eddy Records Presents: Radical Waves Justin Hayes
What a terrific CD! Deep Eddy Records has scored a hit with Radical Waves, a 24-track instrumental compilation album. Radical Waves features some of the best bands on today's music scene. Talk about the ultimate instro lover's delight, this is like musical manna from the instro gods.

Del Rios, The: Del Rios Ride! Justin Hayes
Hot damn, what a rush! I just can't seem to get enough of this great album. Brilliantly composed, brilliantly arranged and brilliantly played, Del Rios Ride! runs the gamut from surf to lounge to south-of-the-border to good old rock 'n' roll. The Del Rios put it all together and came out smokin' with this baby.

del-Toros: Fifty Knots / 50 Knots Justin Hayes
Grab your ass, hold on tight, and get ready for a wild ride courtesy of a very cool Dutch surf band. Fifty Knots / 50 Knots is a 7" two-song limited surf punk record on colored vinyl, just like the old days. Fifty Knots / 50 Knots is a great single. It has everything you'd want in a surf punk vocal and instrumental record. This baby screams like an Atlas rocket.

Derangers, The: The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound Tess Madsen
There's Mega cactus and desert and that wonderful Spaghetti Western music. What more could a gal want? Well, maybe her own copy of The Derangers' The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound. Meet Drew Townson. Originally from Dallas, Texas, he moved to Boston and formed The Derangers. With the beautiful tones of Daphne Blue, Drew's vintage 1961 Stratocaster, The Derangers gigged, toured and recorded from 1990 until 2000. After taking a decade off, they're back at it. They've combined their favorite music to create the "Westernmental Sound", playing Spaghetti Western, surf, spy, jazz, instro rock, spooky instro themes and more. Pick up your copy now because you're burnin' daylight!

Diamondheads, The: Surf Guitar Instrumentals Cerulean Ravenwing
From the opening note The Diamondheads flood your auditory canals with wet, drippy, slappy, body drenching reverb. This is what it's all about. The pure essence of surf rock. These guys are just perfect. There’s no other way to put it. Even the name of the band harkens back to the glory days of surf rock.

Dick Dale at The Hut in Tucson, Arizona Cerulean Ravenwing
The last time I’d seen Dick strut his stuff was over a decade ago, back in a tiny brewpub in Eugene, Oregon, called The Wild Duck. Would the King of the Surf Guitar, the Father of Heavy Metal, the member of the Musicians Hall of Fame and cancer survivor still be able to bring it like he did as a young kid on the beaches of Southern California?

Dick Dale: Calling Up Spirits Duke
Dick Dale's powerful playing in the '50s and '60s was enormously influential. Not only did it set the trend of that time, it also set the stage for the musical eras that followed. Dick Dale possesses a masterful blend of power and finesse. Here's a look at one of his later albums, Calling Up Spirits!

Dick Dale In Concert Cerulean Ravenwing
The Wild Duck shook as he rocked us with his double picking, string-bending, mind-blowing music. I was pumped, the crowd was pumped, the whole damn place was pumped. It was music in its purest form. From the Wild Duck Music Hall in Eugene, Oregon, Cerulean Ravenwing rocks out with The King of the Surf Guitar!

DingDong Records: Monsters Of Surf Cerulean Ravenwing
Monsters Of Surf was just what I needed to perk me up so I could howl at the moon. Monsters Of Surf totally lives up to its name. All of these bands are monsters in the surf world today. Loud, powerful, stomping their foes and devouring whole villages in their path, they are true monsters.

Dirty Fuse: Dirty Fuse Justin Hayes
I'd been looking forward to hearing Dirty Fuse's self-titled CD, Dirty Fuse. I finally got the chance and was not disappointed. The CD not only lived up to my expectations, it surpassed them. Dirty Fuse is a 12-track, all-instro CD. It's packed with 30 great minutes of surf and plenty of good old-fashioned fun.

Dirty Fuse: Last Wave Justin Hayes
I plan to spin this album until it wears out. If I could get a nickel for each spin, I may not live long enough to become a millionaire, but I'll definitely live long enough to become a hundredaire. Last Wave is a humdinger. Yep, a humdinger. I didn't pick that word at random. There's a method to my madness ... I hum along with each tune and the album is definitely a dinger, as in Dirty Fuse knocked it out of the park with Last Wave.

Dirty Fuse: Lost Riders Justin Hayes
Hailing from Athens, Greece, Dirty Fuse does their country's music scene proud. They prove that instrumental music is alive and well in all corners of the world. Lost Riders is a terrific 7" vinyl (Yes, VINYL) record. There is some great stuff embedded in those grooves.

Docteur Legume: La Planete Sauvage Duke
I had the pleasure of meeting Massimiliano Bocchio, aka Docteur Legume, a couple of years ago. He'd posted some information about his music at a forum we were running. His new record, La Planete Sauvage, is another brilliant work of art. Once again, Docteur Legume demonstrates his mastery of many instruments.

Doug Barron: Surf Trax Emma Jade Gunn
Doug Barron. Dougie. Dougie. Dougie. What is a girl to do with you, honey? I was taken to Barron's Land of Surf. I hoped for some new surf music because, well, Dougie's from Canada, you know? Surf music with a Maple Leaf twist. See? NEW. SURF. MUSIC. I'm thinking wahoo, baby. Now I know what a girl does with you.

Dynamic Subarashii, The Duke
This trio of Midwesterners prove that you don't have to live near the ocean to ride the surf rock music wave. This CD houses some terrific stuff, courtesy of some very high caliber musicians. These guys can play. And they have imagination. Pass the margaritas, I'm on the beach.


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Edwards, Mae: Elements In Continuity...Essays On Parallelism Devon Cathlin
This is the most provocative exploration of self-evolution I have ever read or heard. It floats with the sagacity of hard-won understanding of self. It reverberates with contemplations of one's interactions with outside influences. In short, one cannot find a greater sage than the lady Edwards. The ten separate tracks that make up Elements In Continuity...Essays On Parallelism are all equally mesmerizing. It's with great gratification that I give you my experiences, both curative and bewitching, from the third installment of Starlette & Saint.

Edwards, Mae: Hieroglyphs of Emotion Devon Cathlin
Hieroglyphs of Emotion, the second CD in Mae Edwards' Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism collection, is "about the innate impetus within us all to communicate." Highly skilled and extraordinarily talented, Mae's words and music can be both teacher and student. You feel, when reading and listening, the companionship of a trusted confidant. In every conceivable way, Mae Edwards' book and CDs deliver. They are at once inspirational, challenging, and knowledgeable without ever becoming confusing or unsettling.

Edwards, Mae: No Prayers Could Ever Save Me from the Love You Never Gave Me Devon Cathlin
Featuring Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism. The book and CD collection sows seeds of introspection so that the listener can grow, then reap a harvest of self-understanding. As a professional seeker of knowledge, I can attest to the profound depth Mae delivers. Mae wrote Starlette &' Saint: A Memoir on Dualism in lieu of CD inserts, much to our delight. Fabulous book! No Prayers Could Ever Save Me from the Love You Never Gave Me is the first of four CDs in the collection. Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism, by the way, has all of the lyrics and music to every song in the four-CD collection.



Firstborn: Define Our Generation Justin Hayes
Reminiscent of the early days of heavy metal, Define Our Generation is a deep, moody, powerful CD by Firstborn, an alternate rock / metal band from Sweden. The band features four accomplished musicians who deliver their music with plenty of strength and believability. Firstborn included the lyrics to all of their songs.

Firstborn: Old Machinery Justin Hayes
These men can play. Their musicianship rates an eleven on a scale of one to ten. Firstborn's EP, Old Machinery, features four tracks of hard-hitting, hard-driving music. The band's biography claims their main genre to be alternative metal. Whatever tag you put on it, one thing is for certain, it's balls-to-the-wall all of the way.

Forgotten Door: Unlocked Stephen L. Robbins
Every song on Unlocked is beyond the norm, both lyrically and musically. In all truth, when I wrote this review I kept repeating variations of the words 'lyrics' and 'music' because to do any less would be a disservice to this stunning group.

Frankie & The Poolboys: The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts Duke
The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts is a terrifically fun CD, filled with nostalgia and an abundance of great music. It's a different kind of instro rock album. It expands the genre's horizons with fantastic compositions and arrangements. I didn't just listen to Frankie & The Poolboys' The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts's, I experienced it.

Frowser: The King With Personality Plus Justin Hayes
The minute The King With Personality Plus begins you can tell this foursome is out to break new ground. They are blazing their own path and leaving an impressive trail in their wake. Frowser's sound is textured and dynamic. To be honest, a lot of genres would benefit greatly by adding Frowser to their playlist.

Fruits de Mer Records: Fruits de Mer Annual 2014 Justin Hayes
What a neat release! The Fruits de Mer Annual 2014 is an eclectic five-song blast. It features three different bands - The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, Astralasia, and The Raiders. Annual 2014 will titillate your senses and tweak your imagination. It's far, far out. I'd say somewhere around Pluto. You're going to love it.

FUZZnSURF Records: Lost At Sea Duke
It's vinyl. Seven inches of magnificent vinyl. Lost At Sea literally is groovy. Spin that turntable, lower the needle and dig those cool grooves. FUZZnSURF Records knows how to stroke a needle. They picked four very cool, wild-ass surf and garage bands to cut the wax on Lost At Sea. The past meets the present thanks to FUZZnSURF Records!



Grande Bois, The: Meltdown Tess Madsen
Ah, yes. It was on another night that you and I were driving through Elkhorn, Wisconsin. We missed a road sign, took a wrong turn and got lost on Bray Road. It was a dark and stormy night. Wipers were swishing fast to keep up with the pelting rain and the gas tank was draining fast. We sat huddled together, fearing the unknown, driving on and on through the darkness. We thought it was the end.

Grendel's Claw: Nostoi Emma Jade Gunn
Whoa. Do these dudes have bunkbeds between the stacks in the library? Do they drink mead from bronze cups? Taking classic (and I mean CLASSIC) poetry and stories and putting them to music, Grendel's Claw is a one-two punch of uber coolness.

Grinning Man, The: Watch Where You Point That Thing Emma Jade Gunn
My, my, my. Where are you pointing that laser? Planning to blow Mars out of orbit? Or are you just blowing Em out of the water? The Grinning Man band is hot enough and transcends time and space enough to blast a planet or two into the fifth dimension.



Harmonica Lewinskies, The: Dad Rock Justin Hayes
Do you remember Doc Severinsen and His Orchestra? They were the house band on Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show'. With their Big Band sound, The Harmonica Lewinskies remind me of Doc and his phenomenal group of musicians. Gliding on the apex of sound, this NYC-based octet have just released their new album, Dad Rock. Teeming with diversity, Dad Rock has something for everyone. Cool to the max, Dad Rock delivers the goods with pizzazz-o-plenty.

High Fidelics, The: The High Fidelics Justin Hayes
The High Fidelics' self-titled debut album features ten instrumental tracks in multiple styles ... and it's a doozy. However, what really makes this album exceptional are the four extremely gifted musicians who are responsible for its inception and its content. It's as much of an educational experience as it is a musical experience. If I was teaching a music class, I would have my students study The High Fidelics.


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Idea Men, Thee: New Level Shoes Justin Hayes
These dudes are too outrageous to describe. So, what exactly is it that I love about New Level Shoes? It's a new level of fantastic sound. Thee Idea Men are mighty magnificent. Their musicianship is tops. Their music is about as high up the ladder of fantastic as you can get. The compositions are so high-end they float above the plains like a satellite.

il Triello: Three Western Tales Stephen L. Robbins
I'm passionate about Spaghetti Western music. I've been that way ever since my introduction to the music of Ennio Morricone and Dominic Frontiere. Spaghetti Western music has to stir my imagination. If it doesn't, I'd just as soon not listen to it. So, it was with some trepidation that I popped Three Western Tales into my CD player – and there it stayed, repeatedly. Three Western Tales not only stirred my imagination, it stirred my soul.

Insanitizers: Whimsical Surf Version 2 Justin Hayes
Whimsical Surf Version 2 is fun. Good old-fashioned party time fun. Everything from the music to the artwork is a gas. Whimsical Surf Version 2 is an all-instrumental album that packs 17 delicious bite-size morsels of music into one very entertaining CD.

Instramentaclees: Music To Swing By Emma Jade Gunn
Larry Levy can throw a pick out there and start a blizzard of base-rageous tunes all by himself. Music to Swing By is a tribute to the greats of baseball. It's coolness to the uber level of Heaven! My two favorite things, music and baseball, combined by my favorite dude!

Invisible Surfers, The: Dogs Killa Cat Commandante
This instrumental three-piece combo from Greece plays fast rocking instros in a remarkable style. In 2002 the band released Dogs Killa Cat. The CD contains 14 songs (12 originals and 2 cover versions). Dogs Killa Cat has everything to make an instro nerd happy ... it is raw, it is authentic, it is cool!



James and the Drifters: All That Gold Emma Jade Gunn
THIS is my Santa Claus. James and the Drifters brought me presents - thirteen of them, in fact, and wrapped them in a golden wrapper with howling wolves on it. Coolness! It's like Santa showed up with Rudolph and a sleigh full of Alt Rock musicians just to make me grin like a ten-year-old on Christmas morning. All That Gold will make these dudes legendary.

Jetpack: Surfin' to No Doubt Wexler
Guitar fans will enjoy playing spot-the-influence (Dick Dale, Link Wray, Bo Diddley, Roger McGuinn...) and the musicianship, which is top-shelf. As far as production, reverb junkies are assured to get their fix many, many times over with the Jetpack Twin Guitar Attack!



Kalen & The Sky Thieves: Bluebird Justin Hayes
Kalen & The Sky Thieves are unique. They are entertaining. It's called 'Star Quality'. "Kalen Lister has been writing music since her hands were big enough to work a piano." It shows. It definitely shows. This lady can write music! It rocks with bookoo style and power. And the musicianship? Superlative! Make no mistake about it, these cats flat-out get with the program. They rock ... BIGTIME!

Kanaloas, The: LetterJacket Duke
Hmmm, I can't review LetterJacket. Well, actually I can, but that would be like me telling you about a movie while we're standing in line at the box office waiting to see it. I will say this much, though, LetterJacket is a real record, rocky-rolly-surfy, and way cool.

Kanisha K.: Kanisha K. Emma Jade Gunn
Kanisha's self-titled debut album, Kanisha K., runs the gamut from soul to rap, tears to cheers. She sings like an angel on One for Me, then teases you with a little bit of the devil when she lights into the rapalicious Stupid Boyfriend. Her album reminds me of life in that way. It's certain she has her finger on the pulse of people as well as having it on dynamite, pulsating, invigorating and tantalizing music.

Kennedy, Liz: Speed Bump Devon Cathlin
This, friends, is what it's all about. The name is Liz Kennedy and her forte is blues and folk music with a bit of rock and roll tossed in. The result is a lady who embodies the surprise, elegance, fun and beauty of stained glass art. Every lyric and note is another piece of colored glass. Be prepared for a colorful and exciting experience with Speed Bump. Not only is the music grand, there is a companion booklet filled with an entire rainbow of Liz's musings about each song and lyrics for every track.

Kenny Rogers and Len Epand: Making It With Music Stephen L. Robbins
This is an outstanding book, geared toward the business end of music. Making It With Music is an absolute must-have for serious musicians. The information applies to all musicians of all genres. The book includes many photographs and sample contracts. Kenny and Len leave nothing out.

Kill, Baby...Kill!: Corridor X Justin Hayes
I've spent a lot of time listening to music and I have to tell you Kill, Baby... Kill! are Weird ... in a wild and wonderful way. For example, their new CD, Corridor X, has so many influences, I wonder just what makes these guys tick. Even the band's name, Kill, Baby... Kill!, is enough to send shockwaves through my cerebral cortex. Corridor X is 33 minutes of blazing, action-packed, thrilling, instro music.

Kill, Baby...Kill!: Human Sounds volume one: Stop off in Ridgeview Cerulean Ravenwing
So there I was, sitting back, smelling the fecund air and digging the crashing audio waves of Kill, Baby...Kill! while enjoying a lazy afternoon along the edge of a bayou. A baby gator (it was only about four feet long and sooooo adorable!) was floating in the bayou watching me and, I assume, grooving to the sounds of Kill, Baby...Kill!, too. Truth be told, I'm glad the gator didn't know the name of the band or he may have taken it literally. Boy, oh boy, did I have some great cinesthesia going on courtesy of this fantastic foursome and their wicked EP, Human Sounds volume one: Stop off in Ridgeview.

Kimmo Kalaja & Friends: Surfpunk! Cerulean Ravenwing
Kimmo Kalaja has managed to take a Ramones feel, blend it with some killer surf, and create a melody-driven, mind-blistering unique sound. Kimmo Kalaja is definitely a force to be reckoned with and will someday soon be a household name if his solo CD, Surfpunk!, is any indication. An amazing CD by a phenomenal talent.

Knight, Gina: Drum Lessons Girl Duke
Meet Gina Knight, aka Drum Lessons Girl. Gina is a remarkably talented drummer. Her approach to the art of drumming is spot on. Exceptionally knowledgeable, she knows how to set the drums on fire while she deftly executes those "haunt you" rudiments that scare the diddles out of many drummers.


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Laika & The Cosmonauts: Local Warming Ann Rein
A truly memorable CD from Laika & The Cosmonauts will be hitting the streets on January 13, 2004, marking the first studio album release in six years for Finland's #1 surf/instro band. Local Warming offers a dazzling array of genre-crossing music!

Lava Rats, The: Surfing the Magma Ann Rein
Starting sultry like that winding mass of blacktop on a hot summer night and moving into some vivacious strings popping like the waves off the Point, Surfing the Magma rocks! These guys have some chops that will make them go far, and that I promise. The Lava Rats have it all!

Long Faces: Old Friends Emma Jade Gunn
I don't know how Matt, Mike, Lou and Andy hooked into '60s groovyness as if they were hanging out with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, but they did. Wow, it's like a magic carpet ride or something. Far out. Long Faces isn't a nostalgia band. Their sound is new and undeniably current. Hmmm, how do I say this? These cats transcend. They don't have to muddy their mix or make up weirder-than-an-LSD-trip lyrics to be original.

Los Fantasticos: The Devil Went Down to George Street Emma Jade Gunn
The boys from Brighton are the Bomb. Honest! I would not lead you astray even though the boys will. They'll lead you to dance with the Devil, tally-ho! on an Iron Horse, play with bulls just off a famous Spanish surfing beach, and tantalize your senses in a Paris park - after you tango there, of course.

Los Pocos Locos: Los Pocos Locos Stephen L. Robbins
Los Pocos Locos is filled to the brim with a delicious brew of surf, garage and coolness. Every song stands on its own and delivers something unique. Los Pocos Locos know how to deliver their musical messages with power, clarity and finality. If you like surf, power 'n' fuzz, you'll love Los Pocos Locos!

Los Straitjackets: ¡Damas Y Caballeros! Emma Jade Gunn
Los Straitjackets' ¡Damas Y Caballeros! CD was recorded live in the summer of 2000 at the Foothill Tavern in Long Beach, California. This is rock, baby! Woooooo! Emma Jade Gunn fantasizes, pants and grabs for oxygen, but never asks the one question that begs to be answered, "Who are those masked men?!"

Los Straitjackets: Supersonic Guitars In 3-D Emma Jade Gunn
This CD is outrageous. Supersonic Guitars In 3-D comes with your very own 3-D glasses. Emma Jade Gunn does not squeal easily, but those masked guys have gone and done, done, done it again. She gets the vapors as her hooded hunks stick out in 3-D! Aw, c'mon, get your mind outta the gutter!

LuchaDora: ¡VIVA! Cerulean Ravenwing
Using a radical mixture of genres, this tight trio combines quintessential surf sounds with other components, creating an intoxicating concoction that can only be called "Surfusion." ¡VIVA! opened my eyes and proved to me that surf can be fused with other genres and still come out sounding incredible.


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Madeira, The: Sandstorm Emma Jade Gunn
There is something about me you need to know. If I were in Indianapolis I would skip the Indy 500 and go see The Madeira. Trust me on this; I drive a classic Corvette Stingray. If I think The Madeira are better than cars driving in circles, it's abso-emma-tively the real deal.

Madeira, The: Sonic Cataclysm Duke
Sonic Cataclysm was recorded live at The Historic Melody Inn, located in Indianapolis, IN, on December 6th and 7th, 2013. I truly envy the people who were in attendance at the inn those nights. The only thing I can envision as being more enticing than this CD is to have been in attendance, too. Sonic Cataclysm unveils a treasure trove of sound. The Madeira are on stage, so you know the CD is going to be great.

Madeira, The: Tribal Fires Duke
I'd been reading some good things about The Madeira. My first opportunity to hear their music presented itself when a copy of Tribal Fires arrived in the mail. After popping it into the CD tray, I soon realized that all of the enthusiastic comments about the band were well-deserved accolades.

Man From RavCon, The: Skyscraper Emma Jade Gunn
The Man From Ravcon! Wooo! I love this guy! So, I am especially happy to let ya'all know that all you have to do is go to YouTube to listen to Mike Brown's newest CD, Skyscraper. It's fantasticon ravalicious rock and you get a free preview! Uber cool. It's like getting birthday presents wrapped in clear paper so you get to see what gnarly, delish goodies are inside!

Man From RavCon, The: The Traveler Emma Jade Gunn
Mike Brown is The Man From RavCon. What a flyalicious treat his CD, The Traveler, is! Anyone who likes solid surf, spy, psych-prog, spaghetti western, super uber superb instro songs is going to AAAAdore The Traveler. As Mike would say, "No need to leave home - just slip on the headphones, dim the lights, sit back and let the journey begin."

Martini Surfers, The: Welcome to Martini Land Stephen L. Robbins
Welcome to Martini Land gets two Tiki nods. The first nod is for cool music. The second nod is for a cool 7-inch colored vinyl EP. Welcome to Martini Land boasts four cuts - three instrumentals and one vocal. All of them are superb thanks to four skillful musicians playing four groovy tunes.

McCulloch, Zoe: Girls with Guitars Emma Jade Gunn
Zoe's credits are remarkable. Take a look at her biography. Talk about a who's who of guitar players, her bio is enough to make anyone stand up and take notice. It's an enlightening look at this amazing young lady. Zoe's album, Girls with Guitars, is a 14-track CD that's overflowing with great music, highlighted by her stellar guitar playing.

Metalunas, The: Instrumentals of Terror Emma Jade Gunn
Emma Jade Gunn relives the thrills and chills of The Metalunas release. It was recorded, if you read the small print which (of course!) Lil Em always does, in Horrific Stereo. What we get as a result is mash to bash, stomp to romp, and beats to heat ya of the most horrific kind and that's a good thing!

Migrant Worker: The Super Now Emma Jade Gunn
A studio band who brings in Mum to play the flute just flat tickles me Elmo pink. Technically, Migrant Worker is an alternative rock band out of the UK who is not only independent, but who uses cyberspace to make, and then deliver, their fantab music to the masses. Masses. As in you and me. As in The Super Now is seriously sensational stuff that should NOT be missed. That's technically. Realistically, we have a throw-your-head-back and shriek with astonishment style. Let me explain.

Mobsmen, The: Fraternitas Aurum Factorem Emma Jade Gunn
They named their CD Fraternitas Aurum Factorem which, for those of you who haven't wasted years with your noses in Latin texts, means The Brotherhood of Gold Makers. It's true. These guys are making gold. If they don't get at least thirteen gold records for Fraternitas, they've been bilked of their just rewards. The Mobsmen are really, really, really incredible. Their music is so hot they're melting ice and fjording rivers of sound.

Monster Summer Hits: Wild Surf Emma Jade Gunn
Monster Summer Hits: Wild Surf is a find. Deliciously digitized remasters of some old surf songs by some hard to find artists and a free mini-poster to boot. This remaster is cooler than a North Shore breeze. The mini-poster is about 9 1/2 by 9 1/4 inches and is a copy of the fantastic art that graces the cover.

Monsters Of Surf Cerulean Ravenwing
Monsters Of Surf was just what I needed to perk me up so I could howl at the moon. Monsters Of Surf totally lives up to its name. All of these bands are monsters in the surf world today. Loud, powerful, stomping their foes and devouring whole villages in their path, they are true monsters.

MOONBASE: Creation Myths Justin Hayes
I love music that tweaks my imagination and gives birth to fantasies. I crave tunes that use my brain like it's a billiard ballI, kicking it into the side pocket after two or three banks off the cushion. Twists, turns, stellar musicianship and interstellar tunes highlight Creation Myths. Every cut is top quality, as in numero uno!

Moussaka: Moussaka Emma Jade Gunn
Moussaka, the band, is fanfreakingtastic! Here's the thing, since I went and snorkeled some 8,000 miles from Crater Lake to Belgrade, I want to surf the Danube and spend some time with Igor and Petar. They're cool. They have the chops to do uber hot dog moves on those instruments! They play and do everything, including guitars, bass, drum programming, arrangements, recording, mixing and post-production. I may think I can snorkel from Oregon to the other side of the planet, but I'm no music misfit. I know good music when I hear it. Moussaka isn't just good, it's a great little EP.

Mullet Monster Mafia, The: Dogs of the Seas Justin Hayes
The Mullet Monster Mafia are good. They are very, very good. This is one high-octane, in-your-face, kick-ass band. Dogs of the Seas is an explosive, all-instrumental album with a wild combination of surf, punk, and hot rod style music. It comes on like a tidal wave and never relents in its ferocity.

Mullet Monster Mafia, The: Power Surf Orchestra Justin Hayes
Balls-to-the-wall power. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when describing The Mullet Monster Mafia. I'm really high on these guys. They are phenomenal. Power Surf Orchestra ia a graphic example of their unlimited potential. It is a truly outstanding album by a truly outstanding band.



Nematoads, The: Five Guns West Emma Jade Gunn
The Nematoads are making my heart go all jelly belly since they recorded their Five Guns West Texas/Spaghetti CD. Take a ride with The Nematoads through Texas and visit a few water drenched surfista scenarios, a lot of cowboy cowtowns, a couple of bandit infested badlands and a place where el diablo vents a lava flow of musical mayhem. The Nematoads rock.

Nematoads, The: Spy Car Mechanic Justin Hayes
The Nematoads' Spy Car Mechanic kicks ass and takes names. It has the horsepower of a funny car dragster and the intrigue of a James Bond flick. Spy Car Mechanic combines three of my favorite things ... surf coolness, hot rod music and spy / whodunit chicanery ... into one bodacious 13-track, all-instrumental CD.

New York Funk Exchange: This Is Your Brain on Funk Justin Hayes
This Is Your Brain on Funk is New York Funk Exchange's sophomore album. It features fourteen tracks of groovy old school funk, soul, jazz and R&B. Did I say, "groovy?" Yep. New York Funk Exchange is synonymous with groovy. Let me just add that they're more funked up than the laws of the universe allow and filled with as much soul as Huggy Bear struttin' on platform shoes. Plainly and simply, they're cool, man, cool.

Nick D' & The Believers: Bang Bang Justin Hayes
Why, oh why, did the fates that be smile upon Nick D' & The Believers and write me off as a loser? Why? Why? WHY? What do I say to three blessed (read lucky) men who have good looks, charm and talent while I'm as mediocre as a bowl of lukewarm, runny, vanilla pudding? It's just not fair that some guys have everything. But, as hard as it is to believe, there is an upside. We get to listen to some pretty damn great music by some pretty damn great musicians. You're going to dig Nick D' & The Believers. This Columbus, Ohio band knows how to party.

No Smoking on Board: Boards And Bikinis Emma Jade Gunn
I've got to put Portugal on my must-visit-soon list. I want to feed those guys grapes and cool them with palm fronds. My beach chick friends and I have these secret fantasies. Wait until they get a load of No Smoking on Board's Boards And Bikinis. My friends will bust their own boards and bikinis.

North of Malibu: Greetings, Surflings! Tess Madsen
These guys rock! North of Malibu's newest CD, Greetings, Surflings!, is out of orbit hotter than hot ... not from a wimped out reflector shield, but powerful heart drawing, body moving drums and guitars that vie for attention. No need for vocals here. Every song on Greetings, Surflings! pulses its own story straight to your soul. Step aside surflings. North of Malibu has just landed!

Nuke the Soup: Make Waves Not War Duke
Make Waves Not War offers a truly great listening experience. Eleven tracks give you more than forty minutes of aural pleasure. The offerings exemplify a band of substance. Mark Davison is a master at weaving great storylines. He engulfs the listener in a tide of musical exhilaration and introspection.


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Orions, The: Always Clean And Fresh Justin Hayes
I'm really digging The Orions' debut EP Always Clean And Fresh. It's a high-octane gasser, filled with four tracks of supercharged instrumental surf music. The Orions have done a stellar job. Always Clean And Fresh boasts four original outstanding tracks of music. I can't wait to hear more from these guys in the future.

Os Pazuzus: A Maldição do Surf Sumério Justin Hayes
Mystery and mayhem are the order of the day on A Maldição do Surf Sumério and Os Pazuzus delivers them with power and panache. They don't mess around. Os Pazuzus delivers a knockout punch right from the get-go. A Maldição do Surf Sumério is cool, hot, and all points in between.



Paige, David: Inside Out Emma Jade Gunn
I'd read David's interview and thought, "Cool dude. I wonder what he sounds like." Then I listened. Talk about a blast from Galaxy Good God That's Great! This much fun hasn't come out of Chicago since I spent an entire half-decade watching the faces of baseball fans when I announced I was a die-hard Cubs fan! You must, must, must join me and take a gander at this guy. Here's the skinny on Inside Out.

Patrick, Matthew: Yard Sale Emma Jade Gunn
Matthew is the answer to my musical dreams! His sound is blues, reggae, rock and country all in one and he keeps it playing until there is no question he's one in a million. Scratch that. One in seven billion! He can slide a guitar and bend his voice with silken smoothness.

Phantomatics, The: She Left Her Brain At The Drive-in Justin Hayes
What a monstrously entertaining and gruesomely enjoyable CD! This one takes the cake for ghoulish fun and spooky shenanigans. She Left Her Brain At The Drive-in is six original tracks of radical instro surf 'n' party madness. This hair-raising riot is brought to you by The Phantomatics, a spooktacular surf band from San Antonio, Texas.

Pierzchala, Patty: Celestial Bodies Emma Jade Gunn
Harry Potter would be a cool cat listening to Patty Pierzchala. Anyone would dig a chick who was a finalist in a World Ukulele Contest ... especially if she has a ukulele, tambourine, glockenspiel and mandolin in her music. Talk about cool! Talk about outrageous! Talk about the most fun you can have with someone! All of the songs on Celestial Bodies were written by Patty. Not only did she write and sing the songs, she also played the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, tambourine, glockenspiel, mandolin and drums.

Pipe Dream: The Oak Stephen L. Robbins
This Cleveland, Ohio alternative/indie band delivers extremely high-quality music. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist, which is quite a treat in and of itself. Pipe Dream's third EP, The Oak, is a mellifluous four-track gem. Dulcet tones envelop the listener in a sea of warmth and tranquility from the first note to the last. A captivating kaleidoscope of sounds is the hallmark of The Oak. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP.

Pocket Size Sthlm: Exposed Undercurrents Stephen L. Robbins
I need to put first things first: Avant-garde compositions. Excellent arrangements. Stellar musicianship. Regardless of your preference of music styles, you're going to appreciate Pocket Size Sthlm's prodigious ability to deliver those three attributes song after song. This is a truly outstanding band. Pocket Size Sthlm's new album, Exposed Undercurrents, features eleven tracks of progressive, psychedelic and straight rock. They are extremely cool and demonstrate the remarkable musical depth of Pocket Size Sthlm.

Pollo Del Mar: The Golden State Justin Hayes
I never was a surfer dude in spite of a deep desire to be one. I don't even own a surfboard. So, what should a self-respecting wanna-be King of Surf do? Decide that when faced with this particular dry reality, a wet fantasy might serve just as well. Enter Pollo Del Mar: The Golden State. It was destiny!

Popov, Roman: '50s & '60s Instrumental Music Justin Hayes
Man, do we ever dig this guy. Roman Popov has a great musical mind. He is from Russia and describes his compositions as " of 50-60 years style." Roman's music is richly textured and beautifully orchestrated. For some strange reason I keep thinking of Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Pyronauts, The: Live from the Pit Duke
Talk about party animals, The Pyronauts take the cake! There is something about these guys. That special, intangible something that has PARTY written all over the place. Their energy is highly contagious. Live from the Pit is filled with primo music and musicianship that spans generations and genres.


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Razorblades, The: Get Cut Justin Hayes
Get Cut by The Razorblades takes you there, way out there, alternating between a roaring wave and a billowy cloud of sounds. Get Cut is filled to the brim with exceptionally good surf music. Everyone, including the purists, will enjoy this CD! I can see these guys going far and riding the wildest wave into surf music history.

Razorblades, The: Snapshots From The Underground Emma Jade Gunn
Dear friends and friends of friends of friends, I ask you as a fellow traveler on the journey - don't bogart the new Razorblades CD. These blades cut right to the quick and that's summum bonum - the highest good. The Razor dudes are, by their own statement, moving on to new ground and reinventing their sound.

Razorblades, The: The Dark Side of the Beach Emma Jade Gunn
The Dark Side of the Beach blew the dust bunnies right off my laptop. This is seriously delicious ear candy. The Razorblades did it right with The Dark Side of the Beach. Talk about some smokin' tunes, The Razorblades pegged my heat-meter on sizzle. These guys are hot, hot, hot!

Red Button, The: As Far As Yesterday Goes Emma Jade Gunn
A sonic gem, As Far As Yesterday Goes delivers a dozen tracks reminiscent of sun-filled days in meadows and rain-drenched city streets. Can you remember when songs got stuck in your head and you couldn't help but hum them long after the music itself swirled into the mist? In a nutshell, the Red Button evokes that reaction.

Rev Hank: Longhorn Duke
Longhorn isn't just a stellar album, it's a guitar clinic. Rev Hank, a.k.a. Michael Diabo, is an incredible guitar slinger. His string pyrotechnics are electrifying. Longhorn is one of those rare albums that compels you to play it again and again. It's impossible to wrap around everything that's happening the first time, or even the second time you listen.

Roland EP-9 Digital Piano Duke
The Roland EP-9 is an excellent, durable, full 88-key piano. Mine has been in use for nearly 20 years and still works as well as the day it was purchased.

Ruppe, John: Double Agent Duke
Wow, what a blast from the past! With double-picked glissandos, dripping reverb and a cool surf beat on the drums, John Ruppe's Double Agent is a real gas! It has all of the cloak 'n' dagger, mystery and suspense of the '50s/'60s action-adventure, spy, secret agent and private investigator television shows and movies.


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Secret Samurai, The: Zanshin Duke
Just when you think you've heard it all, along come The Secret Samurai. These men are extremely good. The amazing quality of their refreshingly unique music is punctuated by their ultra high-caliber musicianship. The Secret Samurai's second release, Zanshin, boasts an awesome assault by guitarist Ryan Ruiz.

Skunkmello: Stars & Stripes Stephen L. Robbins
How can three young men play so well, with such musical maturity, that they smoke many musicians twice their age? I am absolutely awed by what I'm hearing. It's amazing. Based in New York City, this rock and blues band is the real deal. Their first full-length album, Stars & Stripes, is set to be released on September 16, 2014. It's a definite must-have and is sure to become a hit with rock and blues fans.

Skurkarna: A Crimewave Escapade Justin Hayes
If I were making a noir gumshoe movie, Skurkarna's A Crimewave Escapade would be my first pick for the soundtrack. A Crimewave Escapade combines excellent style, superb musicianship and great imagination into villainous acts of delinquency. Skurkarna must have met Dick Tracy's 'Rogues Gallery' somewhere in time.

Sleepy Hahas: Dull Days Emma Jade Gunn
Diversity: consisting of multiple kinds or forms. That's what you get from these four guys. One minute you think they're kind of folksy and the next you realize they're devilishly demented hard rockers. They're way ahead of the pack and far beyond run of the mill. Diversity. Yeah, that's Sleepy Hahas alright. The sleepy ones are anything but sleepy.

Slim Wray: Sack Lunch Cerulean Ravenwing
I eagerly awaited Sack Lunch by a twosome straight from the mean, gritty streets somewhere near Flatbush, a duo calling themselves Slim Wray. Once the tunes were in hand I cranked up the sound system, popped 'em in and lost myself in what can best be described as a cross between The Ramones, Link Wray and The Seeds: a little bit punk, tweaked fuzz and distortion and a strong, '60s garage band sound melded together into a slap-yo-mama-silly sensory experience that left me wanting more than the 12 tracks Sack Lunch provided.

Spaceguards: Multivision Justin Hayes
Multivision is an extraordinary and eclectic instrumental album. It combines various elements of surf, space, punk, hot rod and spaghetti western into an unusually compelling mix of sounds. The interstellar overtones let your imagination run wild. Multivision conjures up the awe and mystery of space.

Spruiker: Music for toe-tappin’ FREAKS Tammy Tenino
The original tunes are chock full of fast guitars just as you'd anticipate from a vintage surf rock band. Baby, it just doesn't get any better than this! I can't imagine not having a copy of Music for toe-tappin’ FREAKS in my car, in my bedroom, in my living room, at work, at the beach, mountains, desert, Australia, USA, the moon.

Sun Culture: Sun Culture Emma Jade Gunn
Once upon a time, in a land of great tunes and perfect voices, there was a guy. He sold more than 300,000 singles and got a major recording and publishing deal. He went and one-upped his own magnificent accomplishment by making an indie record, this self-titled Sun Culture debut album. Sun Culture came out in 2014 and, if you haven't heard it yet, you're missing a true gift of music. How big of a gift? Does it help to let you know it was downloaded almost 4,000 times within one month? I'm your buddy, your chick in the know, the person you can come to for the grooviest music out there. This is it! Sun Culture rocked my world with all eight songs and here's the reason why.

Sun Protection Factor Four, The: Surf-n-Turf Emma Jade Gunn
Not only am I totally enamored of Surf-n-Turf, I need The Sun Protection Factor Four. You'd have to be brain dead not to get a huge jolt of sun, sand and waves euphoria when you pop Surf-n-Turf into your player. Surf-n-Turf is a surf, spaghetti, rock-it-on disc with 13 fab all-original instrumental songs. SPF-4's Surf-n-Turf is a musical blast of protection. I'm not going anywhere without my SPF-4.

Sunny Boys, The: FreebOObin' Stephen L. Robbins
FreebOObin' is the perfect album for those times you want to listen to something different. Its 10 tracks are filled with power pop, punk, and a bit of beach music. The Sunny Boys have an impressively wide range of vocal styles which always keep things refreshing and exciting.

Surf Guitar (Creative Concepts Publishing Corp) Duke
Surf Guitar is filled with 30 outstanding classics and some great, hard-to-find transcriptions, including Balboa Blue, Penetration and Surfer's Stomp. Each song has notation, tablature, chord symbols and, where applicable, lyrics. The book includes playing tips and information about reading tab.

Surf Nation: Music for Dangerous Activities Emma Jade Gunn
When I say these guys sizzle, I mean the middle of July five o'clock rush hour in Tucson, Arizona sizzle. Surf Nation is hot! A highly polished and professional sound mixed liberally with wit and fun. I'm talking A#1 high gloss Shinola, baby! And I supplied ample spit from all my droolin' over these rad tunes. Surf Nation isn't just good, they sizzle!

Surf School Dropouts: Summer is a State of Mind Stephen L. Robbins
Turn back the hands of time, blast out Summer is a State of Mind through that old bakelite radio and I would swear it was The Beach Boys or The Sunrays or The Fantastic Baggys lighting up the radio dial. Surf School Dropouts' Summer is a State of Mind is pure 1960's surf 'n' pop vocals to the max.

Surf Zombies, The: Lust for Rust Duke
I thoroughly dig The Surf Zombies. Their Lust for Rust CD panders to my tunnel vision hot rod mentality. Lust for Rust's 19 tracks offer more than 45 minutes of white-knuckle, balls-to-the-wall, instrumental hot rod 'n' roll music. It's Gary Usher meets Link Wray kind of stuff. This is serious hot rod music.

Surf Zombies, The: The Surf Zombies Emma Jade Gunn
The Surf Zombies' self-titled CD has a stupendous stack of surf and instro songs that whet your appetite and make you drool. Dig the old instruments, the new sounds, the dangerous and the dainty and woohoo wonderfulness of The Surf Zombies. Becoming undead is optional, but you're going to want to join the club after this.

Surfaders, The: Dragstrip Murder Mystery Emma Jade Gunn
when I swiped The Surfaders' CD from the dash of Duke's '56 Chevy, I just knew, knew, knew I had to own it. The Surfaders are the best I've heard lately and I do a lot of listening. The musicianship is extreme, as in muy perfecto. The writing shines and the overall cohesiveness from song to song makes this CD an entrancing story.

Surfer Joe: Señor Surf Duke
What a remarkable record! Señor Surf, by Surfer Joe, is definitely one for the books. Señor Surf is performed by two men, Surfer Joe (Lorenzo Valdambrini) on guitars and drums, and Diego M. Fuenteseca on bass. The thing that stands out the most, and makes Señor Surf an exemplary album, is Surfer Joe's remarkable talent. Man, oh man, can this guy play.

Surfites and Thunderchiefs: Surf Nut! Justin Hayes
Okay, bouys and gulls, you've gotta check it out. Surf Nut! is a must-have for your music collection. If you dig real records, you're going to love Surf Nut!. It's an all-instro 7" vinyl EP featuring the groovy sounds of The Surfites and The Thunderchiefs.

Surfites, The: Here She Comes Again / Theme For Surfers - 7" 45rpm Record Duke
It's a sonic gem, with two neat songs gracing its grooves. Here She Comes Again and Theme For Surfers are fabulicious reminders of the early days of surf, garage and hot rod music. A Double Crown Records release, Here She Comes Again and Theme For Surfers take you back to the carefree early days of surf, girls and fun, fun, fun.

Surfonica: Tales From the Sea of Istanbul Justin Hayes
Hey, buoys and gulls, what we have here is rip-roaring, rollicking, frolicking, bodacious surf rock music played Surfonica style. The band has taken four highballing, classic surf tunes and piled on a heaping dose of smoke and fire. I'm not sure if they drink some kind of magic water down in Argentina in order to get this good. One thing IS for sure, though, they've put together a stellar EP. It's one of the best I've heard.

Swirsky, Seth: Watercolor Day Emma Jade Gunn
Honeys, I had deja vu all over again when I heard Watercolor Day. Is Seth Swirsky channeling the Venice Beach days and lounging in the sand along the river from my teens? Hey, I had "Summer in Her Hair" just like Seth sings. Okay, so maybe no one was crooning along while I sat around trying to be oh-so-nonchalantly beeeaaauuuutiful.

Swiv-O-Matics, The: Charm City Surfer Emma Jade Gunn
These dudes are so easy to listen to that you feel like you're oozing off the couch with your buds, splashing waves of fantastico music over your bod, just like in the heydays of the old surf, garage and party bands. And they're from Baltimore! BaltoRockoSurfers! How spiky is that? Uber. If this is Baltimore surf, I want to go!

Swiv-O-Matics, The: Music To Get Lucky By...Or...Return Of The Fez-Men! Emma Jade Gunn
I sure had the urge to swish and sway and swivel my hips. Oh, baby, I gyrated and hyperventilated and instigated a dance. This band never ceases to amaze me. Once again Baltimore's Big Boys of Surf prove they are second to none! Way to go, Swiv-O-Matics!

Swiv-O-Matics, The: She Walks On Bars Emma Jade Gunn
Summer can hit a surfer girl like a tsunami and waves can break clean and cool, but great music is a year-long rush. The Swiv-O-Dudes not only cut fourteen Balto Rockin' surf tracks on this uber cool CD, they tracked new territory in the surfrock genre. Another great one by The Swiv-O-Matics. Play it again, Sam.

Szabo: Get Wasted Emma Jade Gunn
The Vegas Vicomtes of Virtuoso Voicings have me under their spell. Yep. You heard it right. I just got wasted with four freaktastically fun fellows and I couldn't be happier. No wonder Pop Vulture magazine named them a feature artist. You don't want to skip a single song on this CD.


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Tattoo Money: The Brain.The Mind.The Heart Emma Jade Gunn
I have Tattoo Money and, baby dolls, that's pretty much all I need. I have a new dream - to make TM my BFF. This guy - oh, man, this guy is wise and funny, hip and homey, wild and refined; he's perfect best friend material. How many songs have you heard about friendship? Not a lot, huh? Chock one up for Tattoo Money because he has them. Oh, that's not all he brings from his wonderful world of unique points of view. When it comes to breakups, the gist of many performer's songs, TM has a different approach. He says, "It ain't why. It's now what?" So here we are, the Tattanic One and Em. He's somewhere singing and I'm here listening to his record, The Brain.The Mind.The Heart. Every track is captivating. Want to hear about it?

Telegraph: Rewind Justin Hayes
Nostalgia is good. Sometimes it's great. In the case of Telegraph, it's awesome. Not only can you get revved up with fantastic sounds from the seventies and eighties, these guys can quadruple the speed at which your brain spins. Their debut EP, Rewind, doesn't need a flux capacitor to zip you back and forth through time. Big hair and mullets are not required to rock out with the six cool tunes, but they are welcome. Listen carefully 'cause the guys warn you about women your mama doesn't like, daddy's little girl, and wedding chapels where Elvis impersonators roam.

Thee Idea Men: New Level Shoes Justin Hayes
These dudes are too outrageous to describe. So, what exactly is it that I love about New Level Shoes? It's a new level of fantastic sound. Thee Idea Men are mighty magnificent. Their musicianship is tops. Their music is about as high up the ladder of fantastic as you can get. The compositions are so high-end they float above the plains like a satellite.

Threesome: Adriatica Duke
Threesome pumps out power by the truckload. They have the force to make mincemeat out of woofers and tweeters. Their debut full-length CD, Adriatica, is a powerhouse. It delivers 12 tracks of instrumental coolness offering more than 34 minutes of action, drama and thrills.

Tommys, The: Grow Fins Duke
Grow Fins rocks. It flat-ass rocks. It's alive, animalistic and tweaks that primal urge in all of us. This is music with a switchblade edge, muscle on its bones and a strong hint of "don't screw with me" mixed into the brew. Grow Fins is rock 'em sock 'em bump 'n' grind ... to the max!

Tor Peders: Brev Fran Ederstorp Duke
Do you remember the popular 1960's phrase, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"? Talk about apropos! Not only will you want to turn on, tune in and drop out, Brev Fran Ederstorp will grab you, slam you into a chair and holds you there. It will stone you out of your brainpan. If Tor Peders had been around back then, they would have owned some acreage at the top of the music scene, alongside Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Brev Fran Ederstorp spans decades and generations.

Tourville, Tom: Sun, Sand, Surf & Sidewalls Duke
What a magnificent book! What an incredible read! Tom Tourville's Sun, Sand, Surf & Sidewalls blew all of us, at Surf Rock Music, away. It's chock-full of early 1960's surf, garage and hot rod bands and artists. Autographs, photos, fliers and information populate the book from cover to cover. Sun, Sand, Surf & Sidewalls is jam-packed with an enormous amount of collectible material. A remarkable achievement, Sun, Sand, Surf & Sidewalls is a benchmark surf, garage and hot rod publication.

Trabants: Cinematic Emma Jade Gunn
Come on. Tune in with me and find out just how versatile and outrageously talented the Trabants are. You really don't want to miss a single note! A superbly versatile album, the music will keep you glued to your speakers like grill cloth to an amplifier.

Twang-O-Matics, The: Death Grip / Werewolf Duke
Two spook-a-licious instro horror tunes await you on The Twang-O-Matics' Death Grip / Werewolf 7" vinyl record. Enough thrills and chills are packed into these two songs to make Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney come unglued.

Twang-O-Matics, The: Fretboard Mojo Emma Jade Gunn
The Twang-O-Matics are an all-instrumental band. They were formed in the summer of 2011, influenced by rockabilly, sixties garage and surf. Fretboard Mojo is the band's debut full-length recording. My, my, my. It's mind control, I tell you. The Twang-O-Matics stole my brain and returned it filled with gnarly instro rock notes. Believe me, their mojo is working!

Twin Guns: Sweet Dreams Justin Hayes
Every once in a while you hear music that opens your eyes, tweaks your brain and makes your ears pop. It affects you in many ways. Most of all, it commands your attention. Enter Sweet Dreams, an 11-track album that totally enthralled me. Filled with deep, dark, kick-ass garage and punk tunes, Sweet Dreams is the latest release by Twin Guns.



UB Hank: Shadows Backing Tracks Duke
Let's daydream and conjure up some imaginings of cool things. Imagine being able to jam with The Shadows. Dream on and imagine Hank Marvin passing the lead over to you. Now that's what I call dreaming the impossible dream. Do dreams really come true? Well, mine certainly did when I went to the post office and found a complete set of UB Hank Shadows Backing Tracks waiting for me. Manna from musical heaven or, in this case, Mustang Music. The UB Hank CDs are a total gas.



Ventures, The: In Space Duke
Remember those 33 1/3 LP discs that used to populate the record shops? You know, the cool, grooved 12" pancakes that slid neatly into lavishly decorated cardboard jackets? Here's a look at one very influential album from the pioneer days of Space Rock!

Ventures, The: Teensville Duke
Like, Teensville, Dad! "...The Ventures, as exciting an instrumental twosome as you are likely to hear." They began performing in 1959 as a duet, calling themselves The Versatones. They did some vocals in their early years, but all three cuts on this compilation album are instrumental.

Volcanics, The: The Lonely One Emma Jade Gunn
The Volcanics aren't just a surf band. You're going to get some party music, some vintage rock 'n' roll and some scary good ... oh, Beetlejuice! ... what I'm trying to say is that The Volcanics have taken surf music and added to it in a way that beat the socks right off of my wiggling feet.



Wah Wah Willie: Cinema Ann Rein
Dennis Nattrass is Wah Wah and he's outstanding. Nattrass doesn't need to howl or shock us with lyrics to make a point. There is an abundance of fabulous guitar playing throughout Cinema. Nattrass is nothing if not a master of his instruments. It's no surprise his work appears in movies.

When Particles Collide: Photoelectric Emma Jade Gunn
The physics of music. Got you interested, huh? No? Ah, my buds and buddettes, you should be! I'll tell you a secret. Shhhh! Don't let anyone eavesdrop on us, now! When Science meets Music (with Big Letters because this is a BIG thing), you get an atomic reaction. A reaction so superb it changes all of that stuff around you. And that, dudes, is why you absolutely have to listen to Photoelectric, a CD by a titanic two-some called When Particles Collide. Everything about When Particles Collide is big. Sonic boom big, as a matter of fact.

Wise Girl: Sing Me To Sleep Stephen L. Robbins
Sing Me To Sleep is a three-song acoustic EP that will float you into dreamland. Not for a second, though, should you expect something that will bore you to sleep. It isn't that kind of dreamland. Instead, it's like being held gently and rocked in a hammock on a warm spring day. It's a tender kiss on the cheek, sunlight glittering through the giant leaves of an elm tree while you listen to a voice that's sweeter than honey. Abby's voice doesn't need a lot of backing to pull off the lyrics, which are exceptionally memorable. Make no mistake about it, Abby Weitz can sing.


Zayne, Eric: AutobiograMe Emma Jade Gunn
This dude cracks me up! He's not only uniquely entertaining, he's way, way out there in the dog eat dog world of music. And a FREE download of AutobiograMe demonstrates just how far out there he is. Yes, FREE, as in zero dollars and zero cents. Hey, I have an idea! Right this very moment, you should download AutobiograMe. C'mon. You know it's going to be fun to get an incredible album for absolutely nothing. Am I right? Why, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and his name is Eric Zayne. I think I got caught in two washes, three rinses and at least nine spin cycles all while cleaning up on this free album. What's not to love?

Zilis, The: Sketches II Stephen L. Robbins
There just aren't enough quality adjectives and superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately describe what I'm hearing. Nor can my words do justice to the music. I'm going to jump right in and do the best I can to convey my thoughts on what I believe to be one of the best multi-genre discs of the year. A delightful eight-song album, Sketches II is filled to the brim with truly great rock 'n' roll, blues and folk music. Everything is in the right place – the music, the lyrics, the mix. The resulting sound and its overall impact on my psyche and body is incredible.


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