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Spaceguards: Multivision

Spaceguards: Multivision CD notes: Surf Rock Music Reviews by Justin Hayes
Review by: Justin Hayes

Multivision is an extraordinary and eclectic instrumental album. It combines various elements of surf, space, punk, hot rod and spaghetti western into an unusually compelling mix of sounds. The interstellar overtones let your imagination run wild. Multivision conjures up the awe and mystery of space.

Some of the tracks have a huge, majestic 'Wall of Sound' feel to them. They expand the musical envelope that surrounds the listener. Some are mesmerizing, while others are adrenaline pumpers. All of them are exceptionally good.

As has been described regarding Multivision, "...mixing stellar surf vibes with a big city rock sound." It's an accurate description. The only thing I would add is the surf vibes and big city rock sound make a perfect mix. The result is a delicious blend of nine original tasty tracks.

Multivision is the debut album of Spaceguards, an instrumental "indie" surf punk band from Amsterdam. They are excellent musicians, composers and arrangers. The quality of their abilities is clearly evident in Multivision.

Spaceguards: Multivision - CD Insert Spaceguards are:
Steven van der Steen - Guitars
David Lingerak - Drums
Michiel Rietveld - Bass
Kasper Gerlach - Guitars

Graphic designer Jane Mack created the artwork on the CD cover and insert. It's absolutely beautiful and is artistically true to the musical contents contained on the CD.

:: ??? :: ??? :: ??? :: ??? :: ??? :: ??? ::

Rosetta - Huge, huge sound. Rosetta is very spacey and surrealistic. It's like a transcendental deep space voyage with lofty interstellar music providing the propulsion. Rosetta is a terrific track and a great way to begin the CD.

Chase - It's not only a Chase, it's a high-energy, in-your-face, catch-me-if-you-can screamer. Did I just hear a flying saucer? Ya got that right, Sherlock, and those instro punkers are after us. Keep looking over your shoulder and don't stop running, 'cause the Chase is on ... and they're gaining ground. The Chase is a bad-ass, knuckle-biting, punk 'n' hot rod scorcher.

Strangelove - Call me the somnambulant one. It's like I'm walking in my sleep while someone is controlling me. I feel as though Svengali is pulling my strings and I'm helpless to do anything other than be his marionette. Strangelove is a mysterious, hypnotic song driven by an excellent arrangement and instrumentation. Now, if I can just wake up...

Multivision - The title track has kick-ass hyperdrive action all of the way. Multivision makes me think of a suicide trip through a bad neighborhood on the other side of Alpha Centauri. You know what I'm takin' about ... where the Klingons and Romulans hide out. Neat, wild tune.

Stampede - This is an absolutely great space 'n' spaghetti western tune. Excellent guitar driven FX. Huge sound. Stampede has a hauntingly beautiful feel to it. If someone was driving cattle in deep space, Stampede would be their theme song. Terrific and imaginative.

Pluto - Hyper tune with more stamina than an energized bunny. Those strategically placed pauses have an interesting effect on your balance and autonomic nervous system. Oh, oh ... my heart stopped. Whoa, there it goes.

Rio Jara - This is a cool song to accompany you on a warp drive cruise through the galaxy. Imagine hauling ass on your space scooter, dodging meteors and watching the stars fly by. Rio Jara is the type of tune you want to pop into your space scooter's music player when you're looking for some interstellar action. If you don't have a space scooter, pop it into your hot rod's CD player and you'll get all of the highway action you could ever want. Rio Jara is filled with intense action-packed drama from start to finish.

Stoner Bay - Far out, man. Colors, I see colors. Stoner Bay is trippy. It's changing the colors of the beach, the waves, the sky and the clouds into all of the colors of a rainbow. Just the right amount of distortion gives Stoner Bay that '60s/'70s stoned-out acid feel.

Whale - Very cool, very ethereal tune. Whale immediately works its way into the psyche and evokes thoughts and images of deep space and deep oceans. It's as though you're in a dreamlike state where things aren't completely clear, but you know they are there. Is that some sort of nebulous creature wandering the galaxies or is it a ghostly whale circling the ocean's depths in search of a long lost time and place? Whale is mysterious, eerie and totally cool.

:: ??? :: ??? :: ??? :: ??? :: ??? :: ??? ::

Multivision is big and bold. The sound is captivating and commands attention. The nine original instrumental tracks are sure to please anyone who hears them.

Spaceguards: Multivision

01)??Rosetta Spaceguards 1:37
02)??Chase Spaceguards 2:05
03)??Strangelove Spaceguards 3:05
04)??Multivision Spaceguards 2:00
05)??Stampede Spaceguards 2:23
06)??Pluto Spaceguards 1:32
07)??Rio Jara Spaceguards 2:24
08)??Stoner Bay Spaceguards 2:29
09)??Whale Spaceguards 2:54

MULTIVISION came out as download-only in April 2012 and is now released on CD, spiced up with artwork from graphic designer Jane Mack. Release date: October 1st, 2012.

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Review by: Justin Hayes

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