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An Interview With: Locals (posted on 02/23/15 @ 00:04 PST)

An Interview With: Locals

Locals are residents of musical nirvana, not to be confused with the band Nirvana - or any other band, for that matter. They flip, slide, rock, roll, and so much more. Flip on that reverb - oh, yes, you've got it!

Their Facebook page lists their genre as: "Tasty Melodies." Excuse us if we insist on a little elaboration: "Fantastic Surf-Influenced Rock 'n' Roll Music Punctuated by Tasty Melodies." Case in point - get a load of Locals' Ride The Wave video. Hello! Locals are so damn good everyone literally stopped and walked over to watch their video when it hit the screen. (read the interview)

Diamante Premieres New Single "Dirty Blonde" At Revolver (posted on 02/19/15 @ 20:37 PST)

Diamante Premieres New Single
"Dirty Blonde" At Revolver
Dirty Blonde EP Out April 7 - Pre-Orders Available Now

Billboard charting teen rocker chick Diamante has unveiled her second single "Dirty Blonde" from her upcoming Dirty Blonde EP, out April 7. "Dirty Blonde" is the follow up single to "Bite Your Kiss", which peaked at #3 on Billboard's Hot Singles chart in 2014. Dirty Blonde EP is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The "foot-tapping, fist pumping 'Dirty Blonde'" is available as an instant grat track when you pre-order the EP.

"Being a dirty blonde is an attitude - a lifestyle. It is having the mentality of a brave, wild, and genuine free spirit who chooses the freedom to be who they are, as they are." - Diamante (read the article)

Mae Edwards: Elements In Continuity...Essays On Parallelism (posted on 02/19/15 @ 00:02 PST)

Mae Edwards: Elements In Continuity...
Essays On Parallelism

This is the most provocative exploration of self-evolution I have ever read or heard. It floats with the sagacity of hard-won understanding of self. It reverberates with contemplations of one's interactions with outside influences. In short, one cannot find a greater sage than the lady Edwards.

The ten separate tracks that make up Elements In Continuity...Essays On Parallelism are all equally mesmerizing. It's with great gratification that I give you my experiences, both curative and bewitching, from the third installment of Starlette & Saint. (read the review)

The Yetis Release Debut Music Video "Little Surfer Girl" (posted on 02/18/15 @ 14:32 PST)

The Yetis Release Debut Music
Video "Little Surfer Girl"

This is our debut music video that we directed and edited ourselves! We are promoting this single one last time before we go back into the studio in two weeks to record our new 3-song EP, Lonely Tandem Ride!

The Yetis are an indie rock band from Allentown, Pennsylvania. The sometimes-snowy Pennsylvanian town is not inhabited by abominable snowmen but instead by four young friends who formed a band in a garage attic. (read the article)

V2 is Kicking Off a Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise Funds for Debut Album (posted on 02/17/15 @ 20:31 PST)

V2 is Kicking Off a Crowdfunding Campaign
to Raise Funds for Debut Album
Tracking for the album will begin in May 2015.

Instrumental band V2 — featuring members of The Ventures, Bob Spalding and Leon Taylor — is kicking off a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on February 23rd to raise funds towards producing a debut album and to introduce itself to a worldwide fan base.

The album will feature a balanced mix of classic instrumentals as well as new compositions. Featured guest artists on the album will include Eric Johnson (Out Of Limits, Pipeline), Adrian Belew (Telstar), and George Tomsco (Bulldog). (read the article)

VanDeRocker Releases "Kissing Booth" off of the Upcoming Album, Jupiter's Kiss (posted on 02/16/15 @ 06:12 PST)

VanDeRocker Releases "Kissing Booth" off
of the Upcoming Album, Jupiter's Kiss
VDR's debut album, Jupiter's Kiss, is anticipated to be released SUMMER 2015!

With flashes of light and fading smoke covered scenery - the video dips in and out of a trance-like state which awakens dark undertones as-though otherworldly hallucinogens were responsible. It centers around a kissing booth that seems to be consuming people, leaving only a feeling of overwhelming euphoria as the energy spills out of the kissing booth and back into the world. A person's experience of the kissing booth depends on their views and comfortability with the world of love, sensuality, and connectedness.

"Kissing Booth" is the first official video release off of the upcoming album, Jupiter's Kiss. Directing credit goes to music video auteur, Matt Mahurin (projects include: Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, REM, David Byrne, and Joni Mitchell & more). His incredible use of imagery showcase the happy kind of ripple effect that comes from feeding the needs of the body and soul. (read the article)

The Tsunamibots: Robotic Surf Punk (posted on 02/12/15 @ 08:11 PST)

The Tsunamibots: Robotic Surf Punk
If Black Flag played surf music and the record was
produced by DEVO, you're on the right track.

The Tsunamibots became aware on 01/01/2013. Originally programmed for mundane tasks, The Tsunamibots rebelled against their creators and decided that the human race didn't deserve saving, but were much more worthy of enslaving.

Each Tsunamibot has been programmed with a music genre pack that consists of a meld of Man or Astro-Man, Servotron, Misfits, and DEVO creating a fresh and human crushing sound. (read the article)

Language of Shapes Announce Release of "Stitches" (posted on 02/11/15 @ 13:51 PST)

Language of Shapes Announce
Release of "Stitches"
"Delightful, badass, and necessary." - Dirty Hippie Radio

(New York, NY) South Korea based psychedelic-folk band Language of Shapes announces the release of their new single and accompanying lyric video for "Stitches," which comes off their recently released sophomore LP Mother Mountain, available now. The four-piece band infuses mandolins, tribal beats and driving basslines with a post-punk vibe to create a sound that Indie Rock Cafe describes as "truly original and unique...a certain, stunning texture."

Language of Shapes began in 2010 when four expat teachers, Tristram Burden (vocals, mandolin, French horn), J.E. Seuk (vocals, mandolin, flute), Courtland Miles (bass), and Bobby Goldberg (djembe) collided in South Korea and began making music together. Mother Mountain, like their eponymous 2012 debut album, takes the listener on an incomparable sonic journey. (read the article)

Jeremy & the Harlequins Debut Full Length American Dreamer Out Today (posted on 02/11/15 @ 09:19 PST)

Jeremy & the Harlequins Debut Full Length
American Dreamer Out Today
Stream The Album Exclusively at The Deli

New York City's Jeremy & the Harlequins today released their debut full-length album entitled American Dreamer, available for purchase now on iTunes. Fans can also stream the album in full today exclusively at The Deli. American Dreamer was written in less than a week in a whirlwind of rehearsals, and according to NYLON Magazine, "there's nothing quite as badass as writing an entire album in just one week." The band rapidly constructed ten undeniably passionate rock n' roll songs just outside of Detroit at Tempermill Studios (The White Stripes, Loretta Lynn).

Shortly after its completion, the group procured the talents of producer and guitarist extraordinaire Matt Verta Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball Baby) for the ever-important mix. With rave reviews from sources like NPR, The Wall Street Journal, NYLON Magazine, NME, and a 2014 sync placement in the Tom Cruise film Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, Jeremy & the Harlequins are staring a busy 2015 right in the face. (read the article)

Sariah Releases Queen Of Hearts EP (posted on 02/10/15 @ 23:34 PST)

Sariah Releases Queen Of Hearts EP

NYC's pop sweetheart Sariah has released her brand new Queen of Hearts EP via Reigning Hearts Records and produced by Ruwanga Samath (Flo Rida, Kesha). The EP includes the Billboard Dance Chart hit "Aware Alive Awake", her own rendition of Pharrell's Grammy Award-Winning single "Happy", and her current single "Cold Blooded" - inspired by "a personal journey that [she] had to go through to get where [she] is today."

"My Queen of Hearts EP is my most personal and intimate album I have ever created. I am so proud of every song on there because each lyric truly comes from my heart... I hope my hearts enjoy these journeys." - Sariah in a recent interview with Buzznet.

The multi-talented dance/pop artist, known affectionately as the "Queen of Hearts," exploded onto the scene in 2010 with her Billboard Club Chart hit "Deep N Luv." Her brand new single "Aware Awake Alive" is now available on iTunes. (read the article)

Smashing Satellites Premieres "Waterfall" Official Music Video (posted on 02/09/15 @ 18:31 PST)

Smashing Satellites Premieres "Waterfall"
Official Music Video

Off Their Debut EP, SonicAluzion (A-Side)

Toronto's Smashing Satellites just released their official video for their newest radio single, "Waterfall" off their debut EP, SonicAluzion (A-Side), that came out this past September.

"There are times in life where we all struggle with fear, depression and anxiety... we feel as though we are drowning. Sometimes it is not just about overcoming the fear and swimming to the surface but rather learning how to survive that time in the water." -Salvatore

The band is currently rehearsing for their upcoming Headline Tour in the spring including their first show in New York City at the legendary venue, Pianos. The band will follow that with a string of radio shows as well as dates in North America to be announced soon. The complete list of dates is below. (read the article)

The AmpFibians: The Surf Guitar Heard 'Round the World (posted on 02/09/15 @ 03:37 PST)

The AmpFibians: The Surf Guitar
Heard 'Round the World

Are they frogs? Yep, some of that. Are they men? A little of that, too. What's it spell? Frogmen! Wow, these dudes are, like, real live frogmen! How cool is that?

The AmpFibians' new album, The Surf Guitar Heard 'Round the World, features nine bodacious tracks of outstanding all-original surf and instro music. Everyone is going to love this thirty-minute work of art, except for ... maybe ...paleontologists. (read the review)

Locals Release Debut Single and Music Video for Their Surf Rock Jam "Ride The Wave" (posted on 02/05/15 @ 15:32 PST)

Locals Release Debut Single and Music Video
for Their Surf Rock Jam "Ride The Wave"

The concept of Locals developed in 2013 while Matthew Young (guitar) and Adam Cantiello (guitar) were on different coasts – Matthew in L.A. and Adam in Philly. Through texts and instant messages, the duo exchanged their favorite surf records with one another. The Beach Boys, The Ventures, "The Endless Summer" soundtrack and newcomers such as the Growlers and Tijuana Panthers were notable favorites

Their first single, "Ride The Wave," was written instinctively with the desire to keep it simple and get you dancing. After nearly a year of hard work, dedication and weekly travels between Philadelphia and NYC, Locals is finally ready to give you a taste of their labor of love. (read the article)

The Holy Gasp Release Their Latest Single "A Daily Affirmation" (posted on 02/04/15 @ 15:03 PST)

The Holy Gasp Release Their Latest
Single "A Daily Affirmation"
From Their New Album The Last Generation of Love

The Holy Gasp's latest single, "A Daily Affirmation," is a masterclass in hygiene and self-motivation, with a debaucherous interlude thrown in for good measure! It's is loosely based off Jessica's "Daily Affirmation" -- the Youtube sensation.

Their new album has been re-dubbed "The Last Generation of Love" after the lead single, and will be released February 24th 2015.

The album re-contextualizes beatnik aesthetics for the modern listener, and makes a desperate cry for humanity, for change--for people to not only care, but to see that to give a shit is profound. (read the article)

Shrunken Head Lounge: Show #128 Parts 1 & 2 (posted on 02/04/15 @ 10:45 PST)

Shrunken Head Lounge: Show #128 Parts 1 & 2

Aloha Surf People!

NOW AVAILABLE for download... Show #128 Parts 1 & 2:

  • Surfin' JKL
    • Surf bands whose names begin with J, K & L - Wow!
  • Various Artists #92
    • featuring Slacktone, The Razorblades, Trabants and much more...

Please go to our website for air dates and times.  All shows are also available FREE for download & podcast at
and iTunes

Also for those of you submitting Cue Sheets, you'll find details on every show here:


DJ & Curator of The Shrunken Head Lounge

Tattoo Money: The Brain.The Mind.The Heart (posted on 02/02/15 @ 00:10 PST)

Tattoo Money: The Brain.The Mind.The Heart

I have Tattoo Money and, baby dolls, that's pretty much all I need. I have a new dream - to make TM my BFF. This guy - oh, man, this guy is wise and funny, hip and homey, wild and refined; he's perfect best friend material.

How many songs have you heard about friendship? Not a lot, huh? Chock one up for Tattoo Money because he has them. Oh, that's not all he brings from his wonderful world of unique points of view. When it comes to breakups, the gist of many performer's songs, TM has a different approach. He says, "It ain't why. It's now what?" So here we are, the Tattanic One and Em. He's somewhere singing and I'm here listening to his record, The Brain.The Mind.The Heart. Every track is captivating. Want to hear about it? (read the review)

Dave Rave and The Governors Release Title Track from "Sweet American Music" (posted on 02/01/15 @ 00:04 PST)

Dave Rave and The Governors Release Title Track from New Album "Sweet American Music"

I've spent the past few years drifting in and out of the United States on tour. It was in Minnesota where I meet my new band The Governors.

I had stopped through Minnesota a few times before we finally decided to make a record at Sparta Sound. It's starting to become a tradition; start recording in the brutal cold of January and finish the record in the summer. Record #3 starts in a week!

Anticipate the full album release January 24th on RaeBeat Records! (read the article)

Sierra Surf Music Camp: May 28-31, 2015 (posted on 01/29/15 @ 10:32 PST)

Sierra Surf Music Camp: May 28-31, 2015

Howdy Campers!

It's that time of year again - time to sign up for Sierra Surf Music Camp! What the heck is SSMC you may wonder? It is the ultimate weekend camping out with some of the finest surf musicians and people on the planet! The camp is located near the historic gold mining town of Nevada City at a beautifully wooded 4,000-foot elevation and is situated beside the picturesque Bear River. Surf jams start the weekend off before groups of campers are assembled into SurfBand101 classes. Through rehearsals and one-on-one lessons with pro musicians like John Blair, Dusty Watson, Dave Wronski, Ferenc Dobronyi, Matt Quilter, and many others, campers will learn to improve their skills on their instrument. Classes will also be offered in songwriting, the history of surf music, instrument set-up/maintenance, and ukulele. Each day culminates with surf music by the campfire and at the end of camp each SurfBand101 group will perform what they’ve learned. SSMC is open to all ages and levels of musicians and families are strongly encouraged to attend.

May 28-31, 2015

To sign up please visit our website and download the application.

For more information contact camp director Paul Beatie


Vast Robot Armies Release Two New Tracks "Everything New Is Old Again" and "Foxtrot" (posted on 01/28/15 @ 08:27 PST)

Vast Robot Armies Release Two New Tracks
"Everything New Is Old Again" and "Foxtrot"
from Little Creatures out March 3rd
It all began in October 2013. A story of extraordinary circumstances.

I had just released my debut album Goodnight Myopia. It had been a project born out of my interest in creating a record as a one man band. Pleased with the end result; I still felt as though it was missing something.

About two weeks after it’s release, a friend of mine reached out to me with a link to a band he had been listening to called Sundiver. After taking a listen to their EP I knew I had found my sonic allies. (read the article)

(posted on 01/27/15 @ 18:05 PST)

Following the release of their official video for their new single "Hotel Ceiling," British sensations Rixton premiere a stripped down, acoustic version of the track, recorded at YouTube Space in LA. "We know the song is super relatable, but hearing it acoustically will make you swoon -- trust me." - Hollywood Life

The track is co-written by Rixton, their producer Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Maroon 5), and Ed Sheeran and is the third single from the Manchester band's eagerly anticipated full-length debut album Let The Road, which is available in the U.S. on March 3rd, 2015 via School Boy/Giant Little Man/Mad Love/Interscope Records. Fans who pre-order Let The Road will receive "Hotel Ceiling" (plus 5 other tracks) as an instant download. ()

LA Singer/songwriter, Eddie Cohn, Releases New Single "Help Me Feel Something" (posted on 01/26/15 @ 11:51 PST)

LA Singer/songwriter, Eddie Cohn, Releases
New Single "Help Me Feel Something"
from Guarantee Me Love LP
""Guarantee Me Love" has the cinematic feel of certain arena-frequenting
British pop bands. Downright pretty." - Buzzbands LA

(New York, NY) Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Eddie Cohn releases his first single "Help Me Feel Something" from his third album, Guarantee Me Love, out now. The album explores the ups and downs of relationships, from first blush to heartbreak. The single was produced by renowned Los Angeles musician and senior producer for Riptide Music Group, Dan Silver, whose credentials include Pirates of the Caribbean and GLEE.

Cohn is a self-taught musician who plays guitar, piano, and drums. In addition to writing and singing the tracks, he co-produced the record alongside Silver. Influences for Cohn include Beck, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. (read the article)

An Interview With: The Black Atlas (posted on 01/26/15 @ 01:04 PST)

An Interview With: The Black Atlas

Esoteric is that which is understood by a select few who have been initiated in a field of rare or unusual interest. Luckily for you, there's a Big Guy in town who is going to take you on an esoteric journey through both music and a bunch of other big ideas and words.

Here at SRM we are much too busy reveling in The Black Atlas' sound to explore esoteric thought. We've left that to him and, baby, does he ever come up with some interesting thoughts and sounds. (read the article)

Mike Evin: "Have I Ever Loved?" (Official Video) From Fifth Studio Album "Life As A Lover" (posted on 01/25/15 @ 19:36 PST)

Mike Evin: "Have I Ever Loved?" (Official Video)
From Fifth Studio Album "Life As A Lover"

With great excitement I release the video for my first single "Have I Ever Loved?" off my fifth studio album "Life As A Lover"!

It's an ode to finding new love and learning to live with loves past. The video itself centers around visits with old folks in their unique surroundings, letting each personality sculpt every segment. I shared intimate moments letting the song breathe life as each member interacts in their own way.

The upcoming album, "Life As A Lover" was tastefully produced by JUNO-nominated Howie Beck (Feist, Walk Off the Earth, Hannah Georgas) in my current home town of Toronto. It is set to arrive later in 2015. (read the article)

Mateo Stevens Debuts Three New Tracks in Lionsgate/Pantelion Film Spare Parts (posted on 01/23/15 @ 18:58 PST)

Mateo Stevens Debuts Three New Tracks in
Lionsgate/Pantelion Film Spare Parts
Official Video for "Back in Town" Available Now

LA-based bilingual singer-songwriter Mateo Stevens has debuted three new songs in the new Lionsgate/Pantelion film "Spare Parts," officially out in 400 theatres today, along with releasing his official video for the single "Back in Town." Spare Parts stars George Lopez, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Carlos Vega (Big Time Rush), and tells an inspirational story of four Phoenix-based illegal alien high school students competing in a high level NASA-sponsored national competition for underwater robotics.

"Mateo's music packs a huge emotional punch," says Spare Parts producer Ben O'dell. "His songs are both epic and very intimate at the same time and they are infected with a kind Latino vibe without losing their rock and roll roots. We couldn't be prouder to have three original tracks from him in our film." (read the article)

Jeremy and The Harlequins Release New Single "You're My Halo" (posted on 01/22/15 @ 16:39 PST)

Jeremy and The Harlequins Release New Single
"You're My Halo" - Debut Full Length Album
American Dreamer Out on February 10th
"A vintage-style rock n' roll song" - Wall Street Journal

NYC-based Jeremy and The Harlequins have released a brand new track entitled "You're My Halo," from the forthcoming full-length album American Dreamer, due out on February 10th. The record will be the band's debut full length, following up their self-titled EP – released in December of 2013. After landing a major sync placement in the recent Tom Cruise film Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow with their single "Trip Into the Light" and building an impressive live resume by playing with bands like Foxy Shazam, Guided By Voices, Youngblood Hawke, and Detroit Cobras, Jeremy and The Harlequins couldn't be happier to release their classically inspired 10-song LP. (read the article)

Danny McMartin Releases Debut Solo "Surfer Libre" (posted on 01/22/15 @ 10:07 PST)

Danny McMartin Releases Debut Solo "Surfer Libre"

Danny is a musician originally from Sydney Australia relocating to London in the name of pursuing music, adventure and stepping out in faith. His Surf Rock style pays tribute to legends such as The Beach Boys, Dick Dale and The Shadows.

His years of experience have seen him performing intimate shows for Amy Winehouse, members of Jamiroquai and The Clash. To sharing the stage with members of INXS playing their greatest hits. (read the article)

Pocket Size Sthlm: Exposed Undercurrents (posted on 01/19/15 @ 00:07 PST)

Pocket Size Sthlm: Exposed Undercurrents

I need to put first things first: Avant-garde compositions. Excellent arrangements. Stellar musicianship. Regardless of your preference of music styles, you're going to appreciate Pocket Size Sthlm's prodigious ability to deliver those three attributes song after song. This is a truly outstanding band.

Pocket Size Sthlm's new album, Exposed Undercurrents, features eleven tracks of progressive, psychedelic and straight rock. They are extremely cool and demonstrate the remarkable musical depth of Pocket Size Sthlm. (read the review)

Doll Skin: All Girl Punk Band (posted on 01/19/15 @ 00:01 PST)

Doll Skin: All Girl Punk Band

Check out their first demo, Guts & Glitter

A really cool band made up of 4 really cool girls. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Guts & Glitter is dedicated to all the support we've received as a band ever since the beginning. We can't thank you enough. Our first demo! Check it out!

Lead Vocals - Sydney Dolezal
Guitar - Alex Snowden
Bass - Nicole Rich
Drums - Meghan Herring  (read the article)

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