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Hints, Tips, How-To

Drum Lessons Girl Gina Knight
Free, fun video lessons for the versatile drummer. Drum Lessons Girl will teach you how to play the drums. Our lessons are structured to provide a step-by-step way to playing the kit. Beginners to experts can explore specific techniques that will quickly improve their playing. Free Lessons are just a click away!

Get That Surf Rock Sound Hailey and Surf Rock Music
Does anyone know what size of strings I should buy to get the dark, rich sounds Dick Dale gets? Five top performers reveal their string size choices for getting that super cool surf rock guitar sound.

Great Music Recording Sessions! Richard Dolmat
You know your songs are great, and you finally decided to record an album in a real studio. That’s great! But what actually happens when you get there? When you finally do pick the perfect studio, one that you feel comfortable at, there is a certain routine that must be followed in order to get the best performance and the best recording for your budget.

Help For Timing And Accuracy IteachSax
If your timing and accuracy aren't what you want them to be, here's a little trick that will improve them. It works for any instrument including drums. You'll need a metronome. If you make this routine a part of each practice session, about 15 minutes or so, you'll notice a big improvement in your timing and accuracy in a short while. It works wonders. Good luck and have fun.

Mike's Jazz Guitar Classes Mike Gellar
Connect with some of the greatest jazz guitar and bass minds in the world. Jazz lessons and classes for intermediate and advanced guitarists and bassists.

Sticker Shock: How to Remove Stickers from Guitars Candy Apple Redd
I asked a friend of mine who is an artist that deals with varnish and glue all of the time. She said the biggest NO-NO is to use things like lighter fluid, paint thinner, hairspray, nail polish remover and stuff like that.

Supercharged Guitar Slinging: How to Double Pick a Guitar Duke
So, you want to learn the art of double picking, that magical string stroking that makes it all happen. Well, you can and it's not as difficult or mysterious as some people think.

UB Hank: Shadows Backing Tracks Mustang Music
Mustang Music are the world distributors of the famous UB Hank Shadows backing tracks cds. These CDs were originally made at the request of Hank Marvin in his Perth, Australia studio. Every CD has been endorsed by Hank.

Agents and Promotion

Effective Immediately PR - With careful attention to each client, Effective Immediately PR creates buzz and awareness of both bands and brands.

Frank Wood Promotions - We are a booking and promotion agency that books and promotes bands primarily in the New York City vicinity.

Impulse Digital Marketing & Publicity - Impulse is a boutique music digital marketing and publicity company based in Los Angeles, CA, focusing on hands-on artist pr & marketing.

Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. - Music & entertainment publicity - artist development. Music consulting: management, marketing, touring, placement, business referrals.

- A Mamuteprod nasceu com o objetivo de incentivar o Intercambio Cultural entre cidades, estados e países, encurtando caminhos, aproximando culturas.
The Mamuteprod was born with the aim of encouraging the Cultural Exchange between cities, states and countries, shortening paths, approaching cultures.

NESMA: North East Surf Music Alliance - Promotes the East Coast surf music scene.

Surfer Joe Music - Surfer Joe Music exists in Italy since 2002 to promote surf music around the world. We deal with booking of surf artists & bands and we organize surf events like the famous Surfer Joe Summer Festival.

Total Assault - A full-service digital + social marketing agency with entertainment DNA.

- Surf rock music promoter.

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