Surf Rock Music Because It Rocks

Magazines, Webzines, Tablature and MIDI Files

3rd Eye Surfer Zine - Surf music webzine.

Beach Boys MIDI Files - MIDI files of The Beach Boys music.

Continental Magazine - The world’s biggest, most exciting magazine devoted to surf music, instrumental rock n’ roll, garage rock and rockabilly.

Guitars and Cars - A photographic museum of guitars, amps, cars, motorcycles and other cool stuff. Home of The DelReys surf band.

HangNine - Surf rock music webzine.

Lance Monthly - The Lance Monthly Newsletter by Lance Records.

Leo Ravera - Jazz music reviews, jazz transcriptions, music theory.

NESMA: North East Surf Music Alliance - NESMA covers the East Coast surf music scene.

Pacific Northwest Bands - A collection of more than 2,900 Pacific Northwest bands that existed between 1954 and 1979.

Pipeline - Instrumental surf and rock magazine.

Reverb Brasil - Brazilian surf rock music page with information about Brazilian surf music events. In Portuguese at this time, but an English version is coming very soon.

Reverb Central - Home of Phil Dirt.

Ryan's Surf Music - History of surf music.

Sandcastle V.I. - Large Ventures resource.

ShadowMusic Web Community - A world of Shadows music clubs in the UK and across the world.

Space Age Sounds - A trek through space pop of the 1950s and 1960s. - Links to radio and stores, gig information and photos. - Links to radio stations, bands and goodies.

Tsunami Soul Surf Music Page - Surf music history with links.

Walker, Don - Ventures MIDI files and history.

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