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The Brigantines: Ocean Park

The Brigantines: Ocean Park Music Reviews by Stephen L. Robbins
Ocean Park
Review by: Stephen L. Robbins

The Brigantines always bring it in spades and their new single, Ocean Park, is no exception. It's a great mix of old rock 'n' roll sounds updated with modern nuances to bring out the best of its type. Vincent Minervino, who wrote Ocean Park, catches the angst of trying to impress his date with the kind of emotion all of us have experienced at one time or another.

This talented lyricist has some hefty skill and the innate ability to make it work, as I said, in spades. Backing up Vincent's lyrics are the exceptional talents of Aaron Leonovich on bass, Scott Saint Hilaire on guitar and vibes, and Dan Tojeira on drums. Together, they round out The Brigantines' emblematic sound.

Ocean Park is about a man who is "out of practice" handling the first nudge of needing to impress - and not alienate - the woman he has fallen head over heels in love with. Remember when you imagined disheveled hair might be enough to send your sweetheart running? What if all of a sudden you looked in a woman's eyes and felt your insides tumbling like the downhill rush of a roller coaster? The Brigantines will make you revisit those moments with refreshing panache.

The Brigantines: Ocean Park As is usual with this band, the instruments are played skillfully and with passion. They're excellent and never disappoint their listeners. Minervino's vocals have an old rock sound that's wonderfully gratifying and a special treat to hear. What we have with The Brigantines' Ocean Park is an old sound made modern and, in the process, better by the talents of the best the Jersey shore has to offer.

If you like the idea of reliving past moments or just want to know what kind of feelings you're going to experience some time in the future, Ocean Park is for you. If you love old rock 'n' roll and would like to have a new song to keep you company on your next road trip or drive down the beach highway, Ocean Park is for you. If you just want a great track done by excellent musicians for your collection, Ocean Park is definitely for you!

Vincent Minervino: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Aaron Leonovich: Bass
Scott Saint Hilaire: Guitar, Vibe
Dan Tojeira: Drums

Songwriter: Vincent Minervino
Produced by The Brigantines
Engineered & Mixed by Vincent Minervino
Mastered by Bill Henderson @ Azimuth Mastering

The Brigantines

Review by: Stephen L. Robbins

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